So it is just one element.

Dinneen: I’m going off of this Cork :

Kluesner: And how can I loop through all arguments of method I have no do***entation for?

Everidge: You told that it is array.

Ihm: Is this method from an api?

Ulman: Berpcor2: you can check the local variable “arguments”

Bennes: Berpcor2: though note it will only be the values

Ihm: I find it rare though that apis don’t have some do***entation. atleast in javascript land. maybe poor do***entation, but some

Heckathorne: Https://

Ihm: And you can always troll the source and take a peak

Ihm: If it’s not minified,

Sweger: Decx: btw, no arguments isn’t a reserved word

Moghadam: Cork does that answer sem reasonable?

Ropers: So can I create a backup folder with copies and see if replacing it works?

Goldberger: Var undefined = true;

Amin: Jagst3r15: it removes the video element, that MIGHT work

Biffer: Though i wouldn’t guarantee it

Kuchenmeister: Rewte: sure, it is just a js file

Fineout: Rewte: it isn’t like it will permanently ruin anything

Yannotti: So when I look in the JS folder,. there are some 20+ Jquery files

Hanawalt: I only replace that one

Deocampo: Cork: Oh, it was not pseudo code. “arguments” is a variable.

Koerber: Rewte: well i would prob change so it loads a jquery-1.11.min.js or something like that

Lieb: Instead of replacing the original

Khaleck: As the version number is in the file name

Lisherness: Also note i haven’t touched any cms in years

Cabe: Hmmmm. this is at the edge of my understanding.not really a programmer

Living: To my profound happiness

Reither: Cork: So, it is reserved name of variable by default for any function of API?

Boorom: But when I redeclare it, I do not get any error.

Nietupski: Berpcor2: no not reserved

Abrey: Berpcor2: it is a default defined local variable

Goldberger: Update wordpress, 1.7.2 must be wp 3

Regensburg: But you can replace it if you want

Ponton: Berpcor2: a slight modification of my last example

Corrao: Cork do you have 5min to take a look at a JSBin I made?

Enstad: Jagst3r15: not unless you link it :

Sonnee: Http://,output

Fernelius: Cork: Thank you again.

Daleo: I added some logic to handle the src/source additions and removals but it is throwing some errors now

Batdorf: Jagst3r15: videoPlay.get0.find’source’ —

Beato: It will give you the raw dom element

Crespin: If you want to use jquery you need to get the wrapped jquery element

Gable: Also you don’t need to filter out a single element with .eq0

Belinski: Just do videoPlay.find

Hoyte: Jagst3r15: several lines

Fucile: Cork:

Brdar: You should basically remove all .get0 and .eq0 lines except when you do

Caisse: Well and .pause and .stop

Truhe: Cork so I can replace videoPlay.get0.find’source’.remove; with videoPlay.find’source’.remove;

Saulter: Berpcor2: dosomething executes the function

Willmott: Berpcor2: you want to p*** it as a reference so no

Wolfrom: VideoPlay is just $this anyway

Betzen: So it is just one element to begin with