So I guess my question is.

Feusier: The # is for id, the . is for cl***

Ireton: Am doing same mistake

Rittenberry: Rolls: no result again i expected to see some output in console

Esparza: Do i need do***ent.ready?

Kilzer: Hellyeah: well, javascript variables don’t start with a $ for starters

Brezeale: Hellyeah: also ‘var’ is a reserved word

Spadea: They just aren’t required to

Saporita: It is jquery variable i suppose?

Vanlent: Morgano: ah, I guess that’s true

Xaimoungkhoun: Rolls: by convention, variables containing jquery objects have a $ in front

Abbs: Is it a problem i used $ to meantion it is jquery variable

Mallozzi: Morgano: righto. learn something new every day heh

Mckeithan: Hellyeah: you might give your variables more descriptive names than $var, anyway :

Carrel: Nee small help on audio video calling widget, with js just want a basic idea of calling widget,

Gurule: If there is async : true in $.ajaxSetup does that mean the page will run all ajax as sync?

Wittner: Do you have any answer for me?

Delacuesta: Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on page prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘bindRemove’ — what am I doing wrong to get this?

Kiefert: I saw this error when try to execute js in i.e.

Kreiner: It can be about jquery version

Lubman: They say jquery mobile causes it

Riches: Hellyeah: last you said ‘wait a sec’.then disappeared.

Grundon: Hellyeah: what was the code again?

Pangilinan: Rolls:

Normand: It is ButtonCl*** i was buttonCl***

Sigmond: But i sensed that applying camelCase might be better in terms of naming convention

Equihua: Hellyeah: ok.well your html code has “ButtonCl***” but you’re selecting “buttonCl***”

Urguhart: Hellyeah: so it still won’t find anything

Bascetta: Here

Mercer: Guess forgot to update

Turnier: Hellyeah: ok.well I see things in the console with that code

Columbres: I need to change name attribute of button

Pariente: Jquery has something for doing this

Gisin: Hellyeah: if you get stuck in js with just a few lines then running them line for line in the console can be a good idea

Prus: Or = newValue

Mcgrady: Meczywor: i guess it is good for debugging purpose.

Riggings: Hellyeah:

Buddenhagen: Cork: so index and element is option params for each ?

Shivley: Hellyeah: all arguments are optional in js

Winfield: Cork: do i need to remove ‘name’ before changing it?

Gruenewald: Just set the value you want it to have

Swinny: How can I set these two lines to use one line? $’.category_headerng-category-feed-id=”198414″‘; and $’.category_headerng-category-feed-id=”1329″‘;

Staszak: Like adding an ‘inArray’ or an ‘OR’ for the two ids? :/

Isenhart: I’m dealing with some old code in one of our apps and I get warings for sync ajax but I can’t find any in the code. Can I trace the warning from jQuery somehow?

Mihalco: Or $’.category_header’.filter’ng-category-feed-id=”198414″, ng-category-feed-id=”1329″‘;

Deberg: Or $’.category_header’.attrng-category-feed-id === 198414 $’.category_header’.attrng-category-feed-id === 198414

Rauer: Are there modernizr users here?

Curylo: Attr parameter had to be string

Sciortino: Hapi: no, that isn’t a selector

Hammer: So I guess my question is can i trace jQuery warnings some how or do I need to debug the whole page