So hoverhing internationale.

Szychowski: Or bind an explicit mouseenter handler and mousehoue handler.

Ambert: Ok, I can’t restructure the divs in my code.

Ashbach: It’s a big complicated navigation.

Szychowski: Heh, then use separate mouseenter and mouseleave handlers.

Goldberger: Why is level 2 separate

Goldberger: Shouldnt there be many lvl2 depending on the link that’s active/hovered

Szychowski: Not if they’re replacing the contents via js :/

Bucklew: It is a silly, crapy navigation given by a customer webpage

Goldberger: As a german i can’t stand for this kind of antisemantic behaviour

Calonsag: So isn’t there a way to do a delay of 1 second. and if mouseover inside lvl2, the “hide”-command will be abort?

Szychowski: That’s really confusing and strange.

Lenoue: 1 Mouseover red, mouseout red

Campas: 2 mouseover red, then slide to green and mouseout green

Szychowski: So there’s no shared root “nav” element that contains everything?

Halcomb: 3 mousever red, then green, back to red and mouseout red

Szychowski: You want a mouseenter and mouseleave on that parent, and then separate listeners on each nav item.

Harry: How do you say “x is y or is a descendent of y” concisely in jQuery?

Szychowski: Sdegutis flip that question around.

Goldberger: Closest is exactly that

Bethers: Where x and y are both jQuery objects representing single elements.

Hoffhines: Decx: ah right, .closest thanks!

Mccumiskey: Https://

Gliwski: This are the navigation

Callow: It’s hard to memorize vocabularies of many different languages.

Flaming: And sometimes google doesn’t turn up anything useful.

Imperatore: Libraries are just sub-languages 😀

Szychowski: Sdegutis heh i disagree, but OK :

Goldberger: But that’s a real menu

Goldberger: Not that div span ****

Eskew: Btw, I’m doing something very unorthodox:

Ockerman: I’m embedding some JS & jQuery code into an onclick handler inline in an element.

Zabik: And it’s got to be idempotent, in the sense that multiple onclick=”” of the same code will not squash each other with handlers.

Kotula: Because I want to simplify my HTML generation code as much as possible.

Szychowski: That doesn’t simplify anything.

Llarenas: It simplifies stuff for me, yeah.

Szychowski: You should separate your JS and HTML.

Domeier: Szychowski: don’t ask I have to pay it with some hours of my live.

Szychowski: You really don’t want to do that sdegutis

Beanblossom: Szychowski: I’ve considered the downsides. None really apply to my situation.

Grapes: I give it a name “Bastard Navigation from Hell” :

Szychowski: Sdegutis you realize that coupling html and js that tightly is a thing to avoid bigtime, right?

Szychowski: And that keeping your concerns separated makes your life a LOT easier in the long run?

Sacavage: Szychowski: I know that people say that, and follow it blindly without asking themselves *how* it makes their lives harder in the long-run.

Goldberger: Tell that to this jsx **** i have to write

Duckett: I had to place the other top-menu-items outside the ul-structure to be able to show them “relative position” and inline.

Goldberger: Why is there no consistency in the naming rethus

Goldberger: Like mainNaviLevel78 is the parent of Subnavi78 ul but Subnavi1230s parent is just naviLevel1

Szychowski: 5 bucks says those are IDs.,

Champine: Decx: It’s part of an cms. Internal structure

Goldberger: So hoverhing internationale menschenrechte should show the menschenrechts div