So cut it out and put it in.

Collova: Do you think i should add the 0?

Augustine: I don’t get the question?

Scattergood: One is ten times bigger before you round it

Shenkle: Cork, dont get it sorry

Castell: Https://

Willow: Round will round it at the decimal point, where ever that one is

Paprocki: So if you make it * 10 before rounding it you will get the effect you asked about

Mc: Cork, do you personally thing that is the 15% of 23.90

Belinsky: Uh, depends on what precision you want

Timbs: Its math there isn’t a “think” :

Stencel: Normally you keep the number of decimal precision

Saltarelli: 15% of 23.90 is 3.585

Delross: You can search for any mathematical expression, using functions such as: sin, cos, sqrt, etc. You can find a complete list of functions here.

Doring: 15% of 23.90 is 3.585

Vanyo: Trying to copy and paste from google calculate

Twiddy: Sorry about that guys

Stumph: Cork, sorry about that again

Huszar: So 15% of 23.90 is 3.585

Lupinacci: Sorry didnt read about ur sorry

Loudermelt: Cork, because what i am getting back get turns into an int i get 23.9

Naito: Which is why i was asking if i should add the 0 making it 23.90

Eckroad: From the correct one to me is the second console log

Barbagallo: 11:43 Tuite you want “full” cents, so round first, then divide

Ganns: Tuite, different topic lad

Biever: Tuite, different topic diffferent example

Holladay: What you said before work for a different used cased

Feister: Works if i add the outcome of the percentage with the total

Langlinais: But i dont want to add the total

Pitre: Https://

Frederique: 15% of 239 is not 0.35

Lail: Http:// if you search here for example for India, and then press the X to remove the input then the search wont be cleared and the list wont be clickable. However if you remove india with backslash then the list is clickable again

Sonka: It’s not refiltering when the x is clicked

Elko: How can this be enabled?

Pretzer: The filter is doing some sort of logic on an event such as input or keyup

Hsy: Whatever that logic is, should happen after the field has been cleared too

Kusko: Skywater: on mac chrome, input is cleared when you press X

Dungey: The input is, but the filtered results are not reset

Mistler: Http://

Enderle: Or at least that’s what i’m seeing

Depa: This is the function for search

Francher: Taplar2, you are right

Ostheimer: Hosoi, input is cleared but the results arent refiltered

Caltabiano: Http://

Heuser: This is the whole code

Gruger: So possibly one of two ways

Bugarewicz: Rip that keyup method out and put it into a named variable, or name the method

Kruppenbacher: And call it after you’ve cleared out the input when clicking the X

Abriola: Or, do those two lines for when the input is blank at the end of the X clicking logic

Hebert: Btw, it looks like all your using $this for is to get the val. you could use this.value and save a wrapping

Gilbertson: Rip that keyup method out and put it into a named variable

Yelle: Yup, right now it’s an anonymous function you’ve put directly into the keyup

Lozinski: So cut it out and put it in a variable or give it a name