Smgs can you try help me.

Ihm: Read a little strange

Hawthorn: Mmm not catch the event

Ihm: If you put your logic at the very bottom of your page, you do not need a doc ready

Thavichith: I am declare my .js file at the HEADER.

Ihm: Then yes you need a doc ready

Ihm: Your body hasn’t been loaded into the dom yet

Avie: Not catch the event paste

Covelli: I created the inputs on the fly dinamically

Alphonso: Then i do the paste data. and not catch :

Ihm: In that case you’ll need to bind after you create them

Ihm: Or change it to be a delegate binding

Ihm: What element are you dynamically creating those inputs in?

Rochlitz: With jspjava, when users press a butto named: “btnConsultar” —- here created a html table with input fields in the cells

Ihm: But what are you putting the new elements in?

Ihm: Are you just appending to the body, or are you appending to something else?

Ihm: I ***ume those inputs belong to a form

Bragdon: Here my code:

Tell: Line 15 create the html table/with inputs

Ihm: Ok, so that id is what the inputs are put in

Ihm: So change your binding to $”#divembLiquida”.on’paste’, ‘input’, function{ .

Schwantes: I figured out a way to replicate this issue I was discussing yesterday in the jsbin

Ihm: Is this the video question?

Reddick: I dont even think its me

Maldonaldo: I think all of these browsers handle html5 video differently

Ihm: I would ***ume they’d work towards the standards, but how they do it i’m sure is different

Bowles: But to reproduce the issue in Chrome latest version, if you let the videos play and go down the line answer false, . and then finally click the true one, the video hangs.

Mcelhenney: Weird thing is, this work in chrome canary

Heffler: In crhome latest it borks

Ihm: I only have ff on this box so i can’t really play around with that right now, :

Ihm: I did try to clean up your logic a bit yesterday though. lets see if i can find it.

Hassett: I mean everytime, whether on my local site or in jsbin, with chrome latest, it will say status pending in the network

Ader: And it says; is the initator

Papenfuss: I was trying to check the chrome canary changelogs to see what might have changed but there are too many to sift through

Ihm: Https:// — not saying I didn’t jack up some of your logic perhaps, but it shouldn’t be doing multiple bindings anymore

Arbogust: The fiddle doesn’t work :p

Astley: The first video just hangs in chrome latest

Ihm: Yeah, dunno what i fubared, but maybe it’ll give you some ideas. mainly the not doing bindings inside of other event handlers. i’d be curious if that was affecting you any

Ihm: Oh snap, paste has crap browser support.

Yanagida: Ihm i am catch not the paste event.

Ihm: What browser are you in?

Ihm: Here’s the mdn reference for it:

Ihm: I’m going to go get some food in me.

Ihm: Worst case you can try binding to the body with a delegate and that should catch it. if it doesn’t, and you are using a supported browser, you got another issue.

Lazzell: Never used script defer src=””. I always put scripts at the end of the body.

Canestraro: Is it a good practice to use defer?

Huffstutler: Do***ent.getElementByCl***Name’slimScrollBar’0.scrollTop=100; please guide

Huffstutler: Hi Hartung another problem, as ec

Huffstutler: Http:// please guide, alert box only when 2nd digit is entered

Huffstutler: Http://

Huffstutler: Http:// ; validate function not working, rest is fine

Hartung: Smgs can you try help me?