Show me what you have.

Foree: That will create a string – that’s not a good way to do that,.

Casler: Do the TDs have checkboxes in them?

Knoepfler: I’m trying to achieve a single select autocomplete, based on a select, but with changing option attributes disabled. This means a disabled option will not appear in the list

Cutchins: But still exists on the select

Annichiarico: Asas_ is it a TD in that TR?

Carpentier: Http://

Pentaris: But all the results a had so far were creating a buggy custom autocomplete, which selected the first option most of the time, or not select anything at all

Schinke: Charpandnl do you have an example of your code or something similar you can put in a jsfiddle?

Mongue: I’ll try to set something up : hold on ;

Kirchmann: Asas_

Louris: Http:// why doesn’t clicking on profileImage work for me? am I missing the obvious?

Viorel: Is this code in your chead?

Tepper: Oh, easy – need a delegated listener.

Deraveniere: Need to do $’#contentHolder’.on’click’, ‘.profileImage’, getProfile;

Seuss: Hallo robertmaxrees :

Blasko: Question how would I write this, I have 10 text boxes and 2 dropdown I dont want the submit button to be clickable until the user fills out all of the form.

Lowcks: Robertmaxrees: does it matter within or out the $function block?

Guasp: Cimiano you’ll likely need to move it there, as well.

Hannam: Dopie make the submit disabled. each time a user changes a text box / dropdown, change a data attribute on it, then check all of them to see if they’re all “true” or something similar.

Dunnington: Robertmaxrees: but what did you mean by “is this code in your head?”?

Estaban: Is it inside of the head tag?

Kimbrell: How is that js file linked in your page?

Wirtz: Is the script tag in the head somewhere?

Strudwick: Robertmaxrees, how to I enable jquery 2.1.1 with ui 1.11.2 in jsfiddle?

Castellon: No, close to the end of body

Hysell: Charpandnl you don’t.

Astin: Cimiano then you don’t need the do***ent ready bits in there.

Budke: As long as your code is after the relevant markup, you’re fine.

Sulzman: Why is that combination not allowed?

Villareal: I’d maybe wrap all your code in an IIFE to scope it, but meh.

Hice: Charpandnl it’s not that is isn’t allowed, it’s just not set up : you can mnanually do it yourself, or you can use older versions.

Piske: Http://

Kuhr: Only it does seem, the it works correctly in there

Curella: Charpandnl so you can’t replicate the issue?

Sopha: Ok Its impossible to me! Idk what more to do

Cassens: Not on the fiddle atm

Savio: I still cannot open my files!

Baswell: Paulong_ you can’t use history api without a server.

Curro: And I can’t give you access to the source ;

Eure: Charpandnl i wouldn’t want them anyway :

Lipsett: Robertmaxrees: is $”#contentHolder .profileImage”.on”click”, getProfile; and $”#contentHolder”.on”click”, “.profileImage”, getProfile; the same thing?

Nitti: Robertmaxrees but I dont get it! before I could open

Grabe: Cimiano the second one binds a delegated listener.

Scanlin: Paulong_ you were probably using a server before.

Six: Cimiano the first one finds all $”#contentHolder .profileImage” when it runs and binds an event listener to each one. any that get added after that code runs won’t get “seen”

Bulisco: Robertmaxrees: still no :S

Hussman: Show me what you have.