Sal: what are you talking.

Jungwirth: Because if i keep on moving hads from keyboard to mouse, i just loose a lot of time

Aavang: Xatenev: so you would say a mouse is more efficient for everything?

Vandeberg: 1 button is always more effective than writing commands

Mcglockton: Sal: they’re command line based becuase they need to be able to be scripted

Glisan: Sal: why would I want to click a whole bunch of buttons when I can script a command to be run automatically

Elem: I’d say people dont wanna waste their time creating big guis

Aavang: Xatenev: ofc it is but how many buttons would you need to replace a shell?

Tidd: For things they can solve by shell easily

Kalinski: Sal: e.g. in our workplace we have a workflow where automatic syntax checking is done on all incoming code beforing being pushed to our central repo

Aavang: Point is that it’s much easier to type something into a shell than to navigate a huge interface

Sigers: That could be a server-side script waiting in input

Ralko: Aavang: not if the interface is well designed

Grzebien: No need to be controlled on every desktop

Hausam: Anyway, www is not moving

Metz: Xatenev: can’t script a GUI anywhere near as easily as scripting command line utilities though

Ehlman: This is my considerations

Skowronski: Sal: so HTML5 is considered not moving?

Planty: Thats why it doesnt exist

Birthwright: Xatenev: what doesn’t exist?

Nitzel: And, i’ve been around a lot to say this

Seelbach: Clerc: “a GUI anywhere near as easily as scripting command line utilities”

Sekuterski: Clerc, no, its not moving

Aavang: Xatenev: even if a complex interface is well designed it still ends up being quicker to type the command 9 times out of 10

Macduff: Adding more tags, or stupid new feautures that could have been done with a real html laguage, is not advancing

Santmyer: Sal: I think the core thesis of HTMl5, moving the application to the web has largely failed

Elsasser: Its just loosing time on old ****

Kociolek: Aavang: especially when we can do ‘alias push=’command command args args args args args command args args args” 😀

Biscahall: Nearly every major site will prompt you to install their local app for a “better” experience

Spraberry: Jayson, AND YOU KNOW WHY IT FAILED?

Castellaneta: Because HTML/JS is on top of like 5 different stacks

Hoxsie: Because we don’t have real programemrs anymore

Matthewson: Sal: thats so bull****

Deralph: Putting a new real language in place of html, would have create caos

Hasselbarth: Because we dont have real programmers anymore

Wodarski: Nobody today is able to start a project from zero

Cramm: People working on living forever

Rains: Sal: JavaScript a real language

Sande: Which learn games from their own

Cubeta: But we dont have real programmres

Hynds: First because of its “free” syntax

Timons: We have to thank jquery and some other framewroks if we can use it today

Aavang: So why are you here Sal?

Pini: Nothing, just wanted to chat

Aavang: Shouldn’t you be writing vanilla js like a real programmer?

Huitink: Sorry if i’m boring someone

Peyton: Aavang, no, i hate js

Somo: Sal: so what do u code in

Narro: I’m using it only because we have jquery and because there’s nothing else

Mangon: Lol you just trolled yourself in all stages of your arguments

Detrick: Sal: what are you talking about? there’s lots of languages to program in, you don’t *have* to use JS