RIGHT: updated still.

Szychowski: It wasn’t too late what, 30 minutes ago?

Bordwell: Underscore wouldnt work with the way this was structure

Szychowski: Which is why you don’t use that structure.

Transue: Took 1500 of 2 people to get this project where it is

Szychowski: Very minimal changes would be needed for that part to work.

Szychowski: Are you building an ecommerce system?

Goldberger: Your template would just be lines 6,7,9

Szychowski: You want to get payment selection and those things right. do not take shortcuts with that code.

Goldberger: You can feed that into any templating engine as that string

Carandang: Decx, it just a small set of what i need to do

Szychowski: Sounds like you really need some client-side templating love then.

Voelkel: Is they another library apart from underscore?

Szychowski: The one decx mentioned.

Cirone: Decx, with the example you show https://jsfiddle.net/zz6t49kf/4/

Lovelady: Why did i get an error when i tried to do it here http://kopy.io/0eth8

Gittere: The error was Uncaught TypeError: data.map is not a function

Szychowski: That has nothing to do with his code btw.

Szychowski: What is “data” inside that function?

Goldberger: The function expects and array of objects

Szychowski: Are you getting back a json string perhaps?

Szychowski: Try a console.logtypeof data in that function – what do you get?

Szychowski: Do that console log in thet function.

Stred: Szychowski, its a string

Szychowski: You’re trying to run an array method on a string.

Szychowski: Need to p**** the JSON out before you can work with it.

Goldberger: Better to have the server send the right type instead tho

Szychowski: Unless the JSON library outputs it as a string.

Szychowski: In which case, you’ll have to p**** client-side

Goldberger: And build your query string with an object

Stickles: Decx, i will use your example in jsfiddle thanks

Goldberger: You need to restructure some stuff

Goldberger: Eddy check it out https://jsfiddle.net/07w55tyj/

Goldthwait: Decx, thank you so much

Aleksey: Hello = Does anyone have any experience with Velocity.js and potentially jQuery animation delays / queuing? – I’m looking for some help with a basic animation chain

Szychowski: Go ahead and ask your questiuon. if somebody can help, they will.

Dulemba: Ok thanks = Essentially, I have an svg triangle with text at each corner grey by default

Szychowski: I’m going to give you a big ProTip™ here and point out that you should setup a jsfiddle instead.

Szychowski: And then ask your question.

Szychowski: Err, no newlines in discussion :

Szychowski: As in, your question shouldn’t need that much explanation :

Pesin: Essentially I have an SVG Triangle with some text at each corner http://i.imgur.com/2teJy1N.png. What I’m attempting to do is have the triangle rotate 120 degrees, over 1000ms and have the text thats pointed to toggle to orange text. This then repeats – ie. triangle spins. pointing at text. which toggles cl***es. I have a pretty strong grasp

Sevenbergen: Of HTML/CSS, but I’m still in process of acquainting myself with JS. Trying to get my head around .delay .queue setInterval etc. Currently I have very terrible hacky velocity code https://jsfiddle.net/zp3y2rag/

Szychowski: Also: put your markup in the html section.

Goldberger: Does that just repeat?

Gruenwald: I know this is not what you’re asking about, but shouldn’t two of those appear as if they are “active” at a time

Filiault: RIGHT: updated still horrendous jsfiddle https://jsfiddle.net/zp3y2rag/