Right. so you send an ajax.

Dose: Has anyone worked with the form group method of jquery validate?

Riccardi: Jquery validate site seems to be down and so I cannot look at the docs

Needy: I want to achieve “fiil these 2 input boxes OR the third one”

Taintor: How can i check button is click or not is there any property for button when you click it become true

Hitzfelder: I need to console information of clicked button i need to control it how can i do that? https://jsfiddle.net/gpuby3mp/9/

Daubert: Hellyeah: what kind of button is it?

Girt: Cant you reach jsfiddle?

Anning: Hellyeah: yes, i saw.

Craffey: Hellyeah: well, push buttons don’t remain clicked.

Hartenstein: Hellyeah: you click them once and they invoke an operation.

Blom: Hellyeah: maybe you want checkboxes?

Unthank: Hmm so i cannot do it that way

Ruesch: Hellyeah: no, you cannot.

Michard: I have to wrap it with click event

Lober: Mattila: thanks how ya doin

Miron: Mattila: i am struggling with c# and asp.net

Du: Mattila: good to hear

Reay: That one seems work https://jsfiddle.net/gpuby3mp/12/

Blixt: But i only print information of clicked one

Gerbatz: So it seems i need if

Almonte: And check for changing the clicking state of button

Mattila: You only want it to print the clicked one?

Schlicht: Cause button didnt stay clicked

Bronchetti: Hi, i have file input. And i want to add files several times in it. I need to remember all iterations. For exmaple, i add 2 files from folder 1 and 3 files from folder 2 sequentially. Is there some solution?

Mattila: Then you don’t need an each

Prouse: Mattila: thats right

Favorito: Mattila actually want to accompolist is

Birt: Fallenstorm: hi, is this jQuery?

Pomiecko: Try to produce a string in a format that is ?param1=var1&param2=var2&param3=var3

Pardew: It is query string format

Goudelock: Is it possible in jquery

Mattila: You can serialize a form

Blausey: Rindolf, i wish to do it with jquery

Ondik: Hellyeah: yes, there’s jquery.querystring

Mcnelly: Rindolf, this is the question

Pel: Fallenstorm: what does jQuery have to do with files?

Cornman: Rindolf: not this one rgiht

Mcmorries: Http://api.jquery.com/jquery.param/ ?

Wilison: Hellyeah: no, let me see.

Mattila: Here’s the one i was referring to http://api.jquery.com/serialize/

Barvick: First treulst in the google hmm

Moscicki: Mattila: is it for me?

Mattila: Yeah, are you wanting to get those params from your form or something else?

Mattila: Yeah, that’ll do it for you

Schoenstein: I only dont know how to p*** this query string to c# variable

Mattila: Uh, that would just be used on an ajax request

Lope: I didnt make sense now i know :X

Handly: I can define a textarea or something

Lipe: And put this query string to the innertext

Mattila: I’m confused. why do you need to do that

Dilworth: I have to use query string in a c# function to get records when you click button

Lota: When you click button it will trigger c# function

Lee: That takes querystring

Layhew: Anyway i am confused right now may be i can clear my mind

Mattila: Right. so you send an ajax request with those parameters, and then it would just pull them off of the request like it would any normal parameter p***ed in