Right on the same level.

Stelmach: And then it becomes keyuptheFunctionName

Readus: So then in your logic for clicking the X at the end you can do theFunctionName to reuse it

Brahler: Var searcher = function {

Clerkley: No you wouldn’t call the keyup from that method

Arvidson: That method will be used by the keyup as it’s event handler

Koetting: Nothing changes except it will have a name and keyup will use that name, instead of being an inline method

Ditti: So i guess something like: $plugin.settings.searcher.keyupfunctionkeyUpFunction {

Erdahl: Lol, your making it harder that it is

Condelario: Https://jsfiddle.net/ew2o1vav/

Bonhomme: Https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/M4wwd9KF/

Mccluer: How do I make arrayfromphp available within this function without calling it like this: actionDatearrayFromPHP ?

Ihm: It’d have to be a variable scoped to the same scope as that method.

Ihm: What’s wrong with p***ing it in?

Semenec: Nothing really, i just think it looks cleaner

Settler: Well im only using it to clean a piece of code up

Mykins: Ihm, for the search input i use : input cl***=”treeviewInput” type=”search” id=”my-search” placeholder=”zoek een product” onsearch=”OnSearchthis” OnSearch function i have in the javascript file

Doino: It isnt going to be reused really

Cheathan: Function OnSearchinput { but it doesnt get activated

Ihm: Best practices are always best practices

Ihm: Skywater: don’t use inline bindings

Ihm: And i’m not aware of a pre-existing ‘search’ event

Recine: I also used $’inputtype=search’.on’search’, function {

Ihm: Is that real? *googles*

Ihm: So it looks like search is also an event, but it happens when the user hits enter in the input or clicks the X

Ihm: So yeah i’d probably do something like $’#my-search’.on’search’, function { . };

Ihm: For what you have above

Bilecki: Strange thing is, if i put that code in to my external js file then it doesnt work

Naito: If i put it above the input field

Ihm: How are you including this js file?

Ditmars: I had put it in to the var treefilter = functionel, options { function

Kreinhagen: But it must be outside of that omne

Ihm: Unless you did your binding inside that scope

Ihm: In which case it’d have access to it

Heckaman: Hai I add input, set val, manually trigger change with no params to trigger event

Navaretta: I have an li, inside an ahref followed by an div with another ul-list. Fired by href, how do I get access to the div?

Helmick: In the handler val returns empty

Sortland: If I use next, I access the next li, but not the div.

Ihm: PSan: i’d have to see the logic

Ihm: Rethus: ali/lidiv/div/a?

Mcdonal: Wait, I do i jsfillde

Shunnarah: Ihm, http://pastebin.com/xGEcAS1y

Hlavacek: So it manually triggers a change, the listener then receives empty data on input.val

Varlas: But the data is copied actually on the input as I can see

Troglin: Then when I change it again it works again

Brownlee: Ihm, http://pastebin.com/5AvuKLMj

Lapuz: I did the binding like this

Pleshe: How can i now call the function: processSearcherValue when i click the x

Vanderzanden: OH I just found the logic error myself

Ulicnik: I trigger the change BEFORE setting the values!

Peroff: If I mouseover “Aktuell”, I wan’t to get the following div cl***=’naviLevel naviLevel2 xst_naviLevel2′

Schuenemann: Right on the same level like the a href