Really wondering why they.

Grosvenor: Milloway: uh, those lines makes no sense

Beauchesne: But maybe not to you :

Bazaldua: Cork no bug firebug is really cryptic

Aase: I can guess that you might mean Cork: no, it is a firebut bug

Maya: But not sure at all if that is what you mean

Forstedt: Someone is brainsick ?

Stearnes: Hey, bit of a specific question, wondering if anyone here could take a look, I wrote it out on

Krome: Trying to target a div using query for a userscript for google music and hitting a wall

Mattila: So your hitting a. ‘sound’ barrier?

Cottew: Anyone have any idea when i close this overlay why the screen goes black:

Kosofsky: Close button is at bottom of overlay

Bracks: Yea I can’t even find a close button

Mitchiner: Hi i was wondering whether anyone had experience with using formspree. It sends a JS object but when i try and p**** the data to a html table i get an error saying ‘illegal invocation’

Magaddino: I am also using AngularJS

Bracks: Can you pastebin the js object and maybe your parsing code?

Sandager: Http:// how do i “cut out” the div from ajax’s data?

Bisagna: The div is #cart-form

Stidman: Why does this not work on resize, it’s either showing all the articles or messing the whole thing up. So annoying, been dealing with this for 2 hours now.

Parman: Whoknows: just do ‘#card-form’.replaceWith$data.find’#card-form’;

Alexiou: Cork: How do you mean?

Immerman: The event handler your adding is trows

Zubizarreta: You will get one for every resize event whrere width 800

Rowls: And you never remove them

Knoop: You should never add event handlers in resize events

Atwater: Cork: How am I supposed to trigger them when a user clicks on the fa-icon to make the section expand? Can you do a demo?

Hardan: Don’t have time to make a demo right now

Ottey: But you should add the event handler statically

Luskey: Not on every resize event

Groshong: Cork: So addCl*** should not be inside an resize?

Mammucari: It is the binding of the click event that is the problem

Liszewski: Vanbecelaere: to add special css rules for when the window is smaller then 800px

Kirkey: Vanbecelaere:

Siverling: There is also that you can use in js

Trivedi: But you should avoid doing style changes in resize events

Houman: As they are lazy triggered, and will be very jiddery cause of it

Zoebisch: It is lazy triggered cause it cause the browser to hang if they take too long

Tabicas: Vanbecelaere: well yes, css is for styling

Scherman: But your doing style change by removing cl*** names

Johansen: Whoknows: so $data.find’#card-form.length == 0

Bracks: Whoknows, console.log $data.find”#card-form” ;

Bracks: To see what its producing

Aredondo: Whoknows: it means 1. there is no #card-form element in there, or 2. it isn’t a child element it is directly in the set

Michalek: Try $data.filter’#card-form’

Barz: Also, don’t p**** the html to a dom, and then back into html again

Schwalm: Just to have the browser p**** it to dom again, it is wasteful

Cordes: Can try-catch capture js exception inside a response from a $.ajax call?

Werth: Zumba_ad_: sure, but $.ajax already does that

Leatham: Really wondering why they wrote the code like this