Put lvl2 inside lvl1 and.

Szychowski: You might be able to ajax it if they allow CORS.

Baum: Szychowski: thanks. Is this overall idea is bad?

Goldberger: Proxy serverside and ajax that

Szychowski: Imo yeah. why pull in external sites for a modal?

Szychowski: I mean, there are ways around CORS for stuff like this, but why would you need the external content to begin with?

Workman: Can someone help me with why my OR doesn’t seem to be working? http://codepen.io/anon/pen/XdoNzq

Critzman: Szychowski: right and I should be doing what browsers do?

Szychowski: NitroLiq you have to give it full expressions on either side of the

Standeven: Szychowski: instead of pulling external urls into modals, I should be making a browser?

Szychowski: Oops NitroLiq – you can only p*** a string to .has

Szychowski: NitroLiq $’.channel-grid’.has’.button-cta’ $’.channel-grid’.’.timestamp’

Kallestad: I can use hasCl*** maybe

Szychowski: NitroLiq that’s functionally different from .has

Szychowski: Also: even more derpy, $’.channel-grid’.has’.button-cta, .timestamp’

Szychowski: That’s what you want hahaha

Studyvin: Weird. still doesn’t seem to work. If I remove the timestamp or button-cta markup from the html, it’s still outputting a width of 55%

Brak: Do you want elements that have that cl***?

Konarik: Or elemens with a descended that has that cl***?

Perrell: Basically I’m trying to traverse from channel-grid and check to see whether or not timestamp or button-cta exist, if they do, then set width to 55%

Celli: Else don’t do anything

Bottenfield: I just need to target the elements within channel-grid

Szychowski: Show your code again?

Libman: So it doesn’t affect a similar markup elsewhere

Jonson: Http://codepen.io/anon/pen/XdoNzq

Szychowski: Https://api.jquery.com/has/

Szychowski: It doesn’t return a boolean.

Szychowski: I might do if $’.channel-grid’.find’.button-cta, .timestamp’.length { instead.

Hoppman: I tried using .find intitially but was confused because I wanted to use OR not look for both

Szychowski: Yeah, so you use a comma

Szychowski: Comma is the css “or”.

Hetchman: If I remove both from the html, the width is 100%

Quammen: That’s what I want.I’m an idiot

Szychowski: You get that house yet?!

Ihm: Just digi signed the last counter they made. -4.5k their initial asking price. now for the inspection.

Ihm: Was really hoping to drop them more, but really it’s in my price range so any – is just icing

Zabenko: If my server sends a json response to a jquery script, do i still need to p**** with jQuery.p****Jsondata ? Sorry im new ;

Szychowski: It depends on how you send it back.

Szychowski: Is it wrapped in quotes?

Zabenko: When i print the data var in an alert, it is not wrapped in quotes

Szychowski: Don;’t use alerts for debugging.

Szychowski: And try it without the p****Json call.

Zabenko: When i print the data var in console it shows array4, array4, array4, array4, array4

Szychowski: Then nope – no need to p**** it out.

Munning: I have this tiny nav: https://jsfiddle.net/8t5v9tpg/

Hewett: I toggle the sublayer by hover of nav lvl1. But if I leave the red border to point with mouse to the green-one, the layer will become “display:none”

Smiler: What can I do to keep this open? Should be a kind of subnavi

Salisberry: Https://jsfiddle.net/8t5v9tpg/2/

Szychowski: Https://jsfiddle.net/Szychowski/unuo8d40/1/

Goldberger: Put lvl2 inside lvl1 and use css only