Planets are not doing Allah.

Mitchelle: Http://

Wallett: But what is the thing that doesnt look right

Arollo: I will try to conversate with you

Lok: So someone can answer you

Delpriore: Look at the result when you click on the load button here

Kan: Then look at here

Barbagallo: The first one is the structure i want

Bosa: The second one looks messy

Muresan: Plus accordion doesnt seem to work

Ramiro: Thats you want to add accordion to h3?

Obarr: Yes so that it looks like this

Bilby: When the user clicks on the card it expends

Soller: When the click on another it expends and closed the other one

Koso: But there is just one div

Pirtle: I mean there is no seperate div it seems

Goldson: All credits card infos seems in one div instead of three different divs

Pfeifer: Https:// if you comment out the div id=”test” and one of the closer /div the accordion works but without it, it just put everything into one section

Sakic: Somehow i need to get accordion to start working from h3

Laquay: Baako: did you check accordion work with h3 tag

Fehr: It may work with div only

Mione: For example i am using datepicker

Degirolamo: You can use datepicker with input or div

Gobel: Hellyeah, seem to work for the Pay with debit or credit card

Bramlett: But not for the others

Leonberger: Yes it seems like that

Hollan: NewCardContainer is a div

Fripp: H3 is not surrounded by a div

Fekete: There is no div wrapping card information right now

Meline: Why do you want to use h3?

Grecco: It seems you need to use div

Colmenero: You can use h3 inside div tho

Mickleberry: Baako: do you understand?,

Donndelinger: I’ve got the following jQuery operation that’s causing huge performance issues exponentially.

Exantus: Any quick advice before I dig into the source code?

Hurtado: Plus: I still do not think it makes sense to have “table” in a cl*** name.

Castillon: Tuite: I agree, I’m optimizing the performance of a legacy jQuery app.

Fukui: Tuite: Thanks a lot. I got the query down to 64ms from ~25000ms on a table with 1000 rows.

Roxberry: How was it possible to be 25000ms even with the old query o_O ? With 1000 rows?

Butsch: I’m not sure, working on a brand new ‘legacy’ project.

Ruopoli: I mean, I do understand that with the first query all 1000 rows were selected, but still, it’s only 1000 of them.

Friedstrom: Tuite – then maybe you know the answer?

Crupper: Hmm. hold on. Looks like the query Tuite provided is not exactly the same

Selfe: Freannrak – the same as yours? Of course it is not.

Butte: Konrados: You do not need the rows as you won’t find td or th outside of rows.

Francois: Tuite I understand this, but still it’s only 1000 rows. Selecting 1000 is so big deal?

Beuchler: I do not know the specifics but using the space in a selctor is a lot slower than .find.

Pothier: Anyway, thanks a lot guys.

Shilkuski: Tuite I expected the opposite, thanks for the info!

Bitters: Sun is not doing Allah is doing

Desruisseaux: Moon is not doing Allah is doing

Riemenschneid: Stars are not doing Allah is doing

Theule: Planets are not doing Allah is doing