Placidb: no, .index returns.

Langley: Http:// — why doesn’t this one see me as authenticated?

Menches: The effect of retries is not good when the type of call is jsonp

Dekoning: So I would like to know if there is a global JQuery style capturing of error. I was thinking there might be one because there is an ajaxPrefilter

Mattila: Hurry: looks like the call to nodejs is the one that failing with a 403

Mattila: Hurry: do you need to give it the token as well?

Caflisch: Mattila: while logging in, yes

Delpaggio: Otherwise I get CSRF validation failure

Drenon: Any ajax expert around? 😀

Mattila: Don’t look for experts. just ask

Redmond: Mattila, ok, i’ll just wait until someone have ideas about my question few mins ago

Cliffton: Hurry: what do you mean no nodejs

Jorgenson: Zumba_addict: sorry, that was meant for taplar

Pauline: Mattila: when you get a chance, please check if you have any thoughts about it. Thanks

Mattila: Hurry: sorry, the node.json

Flournoy: Mattila: node.json is within my endpoint to create a node

Anway: And as testuser, I should be able to create

Mattila: Right, i was just saying that’s the one that is getting the 403

Groys: But somehow the system doesn’t see me as auth’d

Mattila: Zumba_addict: not very familiar with this ajaxPrefilter. is it a correct ***umption that the handler happens before ajax requests happen?

Kirschenbaum: Yes, ajaxPrefilter happens always before the the request from what I have noticed

Gey: I also read the jquery doc and it says that it will finish whatever is in ajaxprefilter before it p***es back to success or error

Femi: So when I turned off the the ajaxprefilter when type of request is json, my pull request got questioned, lol

Fugah: They told me that I cannot stop the retry when request is jsonp. Unfortunately since jsonp is a hack, capturing the js exception is happening in the ajaxPrefilter first before it p***es to my original ajax jsonp call

Eastern: When I stopped it from using ajaxFilter, I was able to capture the js exception in the main ajax call insider error callback

Mattila: Would it perhaps only be doing the error callback because of this? if originalOptions.retryCount = originalOptions.retryMax {

Demery: What is spitballing? it’s first time i heard it

Mattila: Spitballing, brainstorming, etc

Mattila: Just throwing ideas out and seeing what sticks

Shreves: Looking since I really didn’t write that code. it was already there when i joined the team

Kolb: Fyi about this options.error = function_jqXHR, _textStatus, _errorThrown {

Mattila: In your pastebin it’s line 17

Brande: The value of _textStatus and _errorThrown were just string and value is timeout

Benik: I was thinking of putting the capturing of error inside this code but it will make it ugly

Dopson: You are right, it will only spit it out after it has reached the max retry

Mattila: Which kinda makes sense. if it works on try 5/10, why error?

Coronado: So looking at the code again, it will go to that line if my original ajax call failed

Kilbury: I’m having some trouble understand what is happening here:

Searles: Mattila: still there

Samlal: Shouldn’t .index there match :eq?

Henzler: Actually the thing you saw on the facade of button is value

Mattila: One hand holding a banana so i may be slow

Simonian: Sorry i didnt meantion my intension truly

Morrish: All buttons has same name and cl*** value

Goodknight: Id is different from 0 to .

Gransky: Placidb: no, .index returns the index of the selected element in relation to its siblings