Ihm: Which is a gap MutationObservers are trying to fill

Umbaugh: Also, when the modal is drawn, the BODY cl*** changes to include “modal-open”

Fickert: So I thought maybe I could use that to detect when it is drawn.

Ihm: Cl*** changes also don’t fire events, ;

Junior: The modal includes address info and a MapQuest map – who uses MapQuest?! I want to nix the MapQuest map and create Google & Apple maps links using the address info. no map display inline

Behrends: JQuery, bootstrap-popover, easyXDM, tinyMCE are loaded

Zollner: Oh and FullCalendar, a jQuery plugin

Dirden: Which is what’s powering the interface

Looper: How do I render content from an array into a split listview in jquery mobile?

Parrillo: Kulelu88: just loop the array with $.each and add all the li’s ?

Erwin: Nxplus: this is what I am currently doing:

Lofquist: Nxplus: let me show you a screenshot of how it render

Hutchkiss: Or if you have jsfiddle

Goldberger: Probably need to listview’refresh’

Prudom: Nxplus:

Arrance: If most of my dependencies are local, how/what is the quickest way to create a JS example? jsfiddle requires me to find online script versions

Eichman: Hmm, try to set it up with jquery, something like this: overkill example

Fechner: And like decx pointed out, use refresh at the end

Cascone: Kulelu88 : best way is trying to create a simplified example with jsfiddle if you can

Gostowski: Okay let me try doing that

Curvin: That just illustrates the issue

Florea: Https:// why wont it run?

Retka: ReferenceError: $ is not defined

Malinky: So jQuery isn’t included in that fiddle

Norling: Do I need to specify dependencies in my html on jsfiddle?

Whetsell: Jsfiddle has an interface for linking js libraries

Sawaia: The cog icon next to where it says javascript lets you select jquery for example

Glor: And then on the left it says external resources

Fitzherbert: And you can link whatever you want there

Carpenito: Thanks i got it working.

Goldberger: Dont use jquery animation methods tho

Olide: What should i use decx?

Kerfien: Let me show you guys what i have. It doesn’t render on jsfiddle sadly

Lockner: Https://

Burgett: Https:// is this the correct way to hover over the image?

Hetzler: Kulelu88 : you are missing the jquery reference

Lumley: Sorry, my mistake, just notices the & not defined, maybe switch load order of jquery mobile and jquery

Schuiling: Still not working nxplus 😛

Dishinger: Do you still get the “index:69 Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined” in the console?

Annable: Https:// why is it the animation does not run on the first hover if you hover over the second time it works?

Asplund: I don’t get any Uncaught ReferenceErrors

Perrins: Nxplus: how did that other jquery mobile example render, where mine wont?

Buccino: I’m unsure how they are rendered in jsfiddle, if the order is dependent of the order you add the references

Karalis: But that is my code. I ***ume I need to make adjustments for the “load items” part to get it showing like your example

Sigmon: Kulelu88 : made a simple example:

Goldberger: Two things tho, don’t append to the dom in a loop, don’t needlessly call refresh every iteration

Taglauer: is there a better way to animate or is this code correct?