Or ##javascript i forget.

Gangler: Yes, do you have any logging in that?

Maha: I’m having trouble messing with dynamic elements in jquery. My website basically reads a remote file, formats it converts it into html, essentially, and writes it into a div. Now I want to be able to jump to a specific line using scrollIntoView?, however $”#line30″ doesn’t return any elements to scroll to, since they were dynamically created

Gangler: Dunno, something like console.log’advancing to next video’

Leviton: I’m not sure what I can do

Gangler: See if you see that and then the concluding log before the concluding log should show

Gangler: KataiKou: when are you doing that selector?

Guevarra: Gangler advancing to next video shows

Braxton: And so does The concluding video should be showing

Lovings: Gangler: $”#log_panel”.appendmyDiv; console.log $”#line30″;

Gangler: It logs when it should log?

Gangler: KataiKou: that’s in your success callback of whatever is getting the file with ajax?

Vanvliet: Gangler: yes, this is all within the callback

Grimley: What should work? I can’t access the element

Paddilla: Object { context: HTMLDo***ent → logs.html, selector: “#line30” } — there’s nothing in here

Mcloone: Gangler the issue is that the consult video shows when you advance to the next slide, but that should be hidden and only shown when you click on the curbside-consult button

Gangler: What do you get if you console.log $’#log_panel’.length ;

Gangler: Ok, and what do you get for logging the ‘myDiv’? if it’s fairly large, put it in a fiddle or something

Rudolph: I don’t think jQuery’.curbside-consult-wrap’.hide0; is working :S

Gangler: Konye: you really don’t need the zero, but i wouldn’t think that would be killing it

Reges: Gangler: I get pretty much what I put into the myDiv

Royce: Gangler the damn thing adds a display: block inline so I don’t think my jQuery’.curbside-consult-wrap’.hide; is working

Gangler: Konye: then something is unhiding it. hide puts an inline display:none

Devaux: Found it Gangler haha

Gangler: Np, glad i could poke at the code, :

Gangler: Only other things i might say is your logic could possibly be a little cleaner looking if you put it in an iife so you could use $ instead of jQuery. but aside from that, your doing the same jQuery. repeated in a few places. storing those in a var and reusing those could get you a little performance boost

Kozlow: In most cases i’m not really worried about the performance aspect of that, it just makes the code more readable

Gangler: I’m always mindful of how many times i’m hitting the dom, :

Swope: Ya i mean obviously you may as well

Latimer: Gangler in chrome I get a weird issue

Hierro: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36803176/how-to-prevent-the-play-request-was-interrupted-by-a-call-to-pause-error

Adie: Any idea why the video playback would break like that, i found that but am not sure how to resolve

Pontiff: I ****ed this open in chrome and when you click in the video or pause it rbeaks

Gangler: No clue about any of that. haven’t messed with videos really

Gangler: Though that last comment on the OP links to an open chrome ticket on it

Scribner: So do you think it is something I need to fix

Gangler: Looks like a chrome bug. doesn’t happen in ff?

Later: No or safari or opera

Gangler: How urgent is it that you get this out to production?

Gangler: And do you have any idea of the % of your users that use chrome?

Gangler: Either way if you want to try a work around until they patch chrome, that issue is related to using one of the vanilla js methods, so you might find more support for that in #javascript

Gangler: Or ##javascript i forget which it is