Or $’#filtered’.

Gangler: Would the ‘this’ there even be the element? isn’t .onload = . the same as an inline binding?

Strahan: _zsc_: looks fine, did you include jquery before that part?

Kernes: Uhkis: Yes, I did. All of the other Jquery functions are working fine, excpet the one that hides the #basicFunctions div

Rohe: You have to prepend the id with #

Langhorn: My div had an id=”#basicFunctions”, rookie error

Thies: _zsc_: on another note, there’s toggle for show/hide

Bradfute: Ok, so it will show if hidden; and hide if visible?

Gangler: Oh yeah, i was meaning to gloat when you showed up

Takenaka: We’re actually doing a LOT better now.

Takenaka: Http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/Home/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?CA

Catton: Gotta bake it real good before it falls into the ocean

Takenaka: I get the sense this is going to be a weird summer.

Gangler: Given that we didn’t have a winter, insects are going to be crazy this year

Gangler: No snow or really any ice. so nothing to help kill them off a little

Takenaka: Hoo boy. that’ll be rought.

Drook: Drought? warmth? what on earth are you talking about? BR. finland

Gangler: Doesn’t finland get attacked by russia all the time?

Wubben: Gangler: yeah, like once in a century

Gangler: Lol. i may be misinformed. i remember in my youth talking in chat with a dude who either lived there or in sweden, talking about the standing army cause russia was always pulling crap on them

Nafziger: Gangler: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_9cHkMILP4_A/Su8p3GFJJOI/AAAAAAAABHc/yywQlkVuUD4/s800/fdccax.jpg

Takenaka: My favorite factoid of wwii

Elizabeth: MEGAGHZ: not at the moment, +12C

Parrigan: Cold?! that’s almost too hot 😀

Gangler: You need to cough at your own statement

Lippman: You are in summer now

Sina: Yeah, but only a few months until winter!

Gangler: I can’t deal with cold. fk that

Cortis: Cold is awesome, a cold is not 😀

Gangler: I’ll take bikini’s over snow bunnies any day

Sjolund: Im sick of cold weather

Tolson: The older i get the less i’m into it

Overkamp: I want more cold weather

Quaranto: Gimme snow, but f the cold

Takenaka: I love cold weather for the most part.

Lawhorne: Im with the cold crowd, moving south is sometimes the most lukewarm mistake ive made

Sasnett: With cold you can actually think

Gangler: Sure, “brrrr, fk, brrrr”

Lawhorne: Comparatively, “man its hot here today”

Gangler: Lol, i didn’t mean to take the room this much off topic, but that brings up an interesting question

Gangler: In places that are predominantly colder, is the flu going on there year round?

Gangler: Or have the immune systems been tempered enough that they laugh at it, heh

Tango: Do you have a cold a winter long?

Gangler: No, but i mean the whole thing with the flu spiking in winter due to people staying in doors more in more enclosed air places more frequently. you know the whole deal

Takenaka: I’d bet people in colder climates aren’t as bothered by it being cold as may not stay indoors as much.

Takenaka: But i could have that wrong.

Chiaro: How do I add and remove rows to table? here’s my jquery code http://jsbin.com/reyimunopu/edit?js the problem is that it appends a lot of rows, while I need to re-create it on change event

Tsou: Takenaka: append works fine, I just wonder how do I remove previously created rows :

Takenaka: Not sure what else you need to know heh.

Lillick: Or $’#filtered’.empty;