Ok, so it HAS to be.

Szychowski: Console.logarguments; would work because that’s what it’s called.

Dentremont: The wrong name of magic variable.

Szychowski: That’s what Cork kept saying earlier. The two magical objects are “arguments” and “this”. that’s what they’re called.

Szychowski: I do, too, but that’s what they kept telling him.

Emberger: And it was the reason.

Szychowski: I would avoid using the “arguments” btw.

Szychowski: Explicitly p*** things.

Rumpf: You just need to tell word ‘typo’

Szychowski: I didn’t know if you were confused or not by what it was called.

Szychowski: People kept correcting you on that and you kept not changing it.

Clifton: Thank you a lot for your patience.

Bialecki: Cork: Thank you too. My bad. My inattention.

Szychowski: Sure yeah that, while i’m working old IE bugs.

Ihm: Glad I don’t have to mess with those, :

Ihm: Old IE, bugs. or old, IE bugs ?

Szychowski: Bugs that happen only in Old IE.

Szychowski: Being basically the only frontend guy on windows means I deal with most of these.

Ihm: What’s the oldest IE you guys see hitting your site?

Szychowski: Hahahah that’s not what I care about but I think we’ll see 6 crop up.

Szychowski: But we only go back to 8.

Szychowski: We make enough money on it to make it worthwhile.

Ihm: I still remember when 7 came out and you could no longer open a popup fullscreen. my first app here almost lost it’s s*

Ihm: Hmm, you ever seen one of these videos about NeoKylin?

Ihm: At least graphically it looks like an xp clone

Ihm: I thought they were trying to get ubuntu to make them an os

Chauca: Quick q, I was looking at the onchange event for select, I am using an object, however the value of the options is the id, and the display is display_name, I would like to be able to also select the description of the object, from the onchange event, but I don’t have access to the object from select because it doesn’t exist yet it’s foreached, within the select as options… any thoughts?

Szychowski: Can you show us what you mean?

Hegwood: Soon as my net starts cooperating

Szychowski: Https://jsfiddle.net/ is up here.

Wojtanowski: Szychowski: As I remember, you asked me if I understand scoping in javascript or not. I read do***entation now, and now my answer is no, I didn’t understand it. It absolutely different from php I often work with. Everything I knew and did using javascript was on intuitive level.

Szychowski: Okay. so what thing was thgat?

Schwanbeck: Https://gist.github.com/SeoRoman/5426e4317a2dc31c5601472bdd3280c5

Pallesen: Weird wouldn’t load here

Szychowski: Z3R0 errr. shgow me html.

Drone: Realized that afterwards

Ihm: Also your mixing inline bindings and nested functions

Ihm: Event will not be available in the global scope, iirc

Szychowski: Function event { exists outside of scope for you.

Szychowski: So you can’t access is there anyway.

Steward: Well I got all that… the problem is accessing the data I want

Klahn: Because the object is there via php but the data isn’t displayed anywhere

Ihm: Uh, js can’t access php

Szychowski: So do you output it to the page?

Szychowski: Because if you don’t, JS and PHP don’t mix.

Korb: For instance, value = $object-id and display = $object-display_name…. but I want to utilize $object-description but it’s not on the frontend anywhere… so yea.

Ihm: Js = client, php = server

Oblak: Ok, so it HAS to be displayed somewhere, even if it’s a hidden input or something