Oh you have to leave the.

Dibenedetto: But now I need to get my data into that table

Gerty: Are you ajaxing the entire page over?

Datwyler: Because you should ajax just the data.

Muskthel: Robertmaxrees: what I just pastebinned you was what I get as response on a working page

Rodemeyer: But I need to p00p it in my own creature

Gochie: Has anyone experienced a scenario using jquery-ui where during an animation i.e., slide in/out, during the slide, certain styles are being overridden?

Garafalo: I have the slide working fine in codepen.

Lenser: NitroLiq: check if you don’t load a custom jquery lib which does that

Farrare: But adding to my project, the border and bottom padding are being overridden until the end of the trnaition

Dono: YamakasY i don’t understand what you’re asking.

Cardosi: What are you trying to do with that data?

Mostella: I’m just using the full jquery-ui via bower

Fiorella: P**** it in my inhidden block

Travelstead: Robertmaxrees: I did it !

Biersner: We need to kiss again

Animashaun: Close your eyes and spread your arms 😀

Lescavage: I used it before but I wanted to use these libraries we always use

Kreck: How could u get the tag attribute of an element being referenced in a jquery script?

Zabek: I’ve ***igned a tag attribute to each element in my periodic table and I want to get the name of that element when its selected. Is there a method in jquery that can return the tag attribute of an html element?

Hedgepath: Those tags can have attributes.

Guedesse: Theres an attribute called tag though

Moynahan: Mind showing me what you mean?

Vanskike: Nvm I was looking at the wrong reference, but is there a name attribute or anything like that or can you only use id?

Chiaramonte: Or storing data on elements?

Mathre: Selecting elements so I can send the elements selected and the relevant info to a php file

Cluster: I’ll be back in 15 mins

Lascaro: You can use ids and cl***es.

Mill: What would be a good looking alternative to bootstrap ?

Lew: Guest1000000 semantic ui is one choice. foundation is another.

Rafferty: How can I traverse the entire dom, count how many of a certain cl*** are there, and get that total?

Muraco: Seriously robertmaxrees, that’s it? It’ll tell mehow many times it’s present?!

Feurtado: Holy crap. okay thanks! I’ll try and do the next part after that on my own before crawling back for help :

Celestin: Haha what do you have?

Schaupp: Okay, basically I need to ***ign an id to each of these checkboxes throughout my file and then ***ign a number to it, and the same number to the for part of the label

Coovert: Because for some reason, I can’t just put this in and it works, whatever code is pre-existing, it’s not letting the checkboxes run

Howerter: I have to ***ign each thing separately named

Armer: Actually here, here’s the example I got the code from

Wdowiak: Http://callmenick.com/_development/css-toggle-switch/

Hubka: Make a fiddle either way ;

Bolds: The 4th, 5th, and 6th items down

Pallazzo: Okay forget formatting, the issue of each box performing the action still remains

Declet: Http://jsfiddle.net/ahadbsr8/

Zorilla: Is there a way to create your own event in javascript and then bind to that event with a name via $”myEle”.bind ?

Diep: Mentoc you use .on, and yes.

Kelii: Just use .trigger’myEvent’

Rabassa: Robertmaxrees, if you change the id of one of them, as well as the “for=” of that changed id to equal it, they BOTH work

Kappe: Oh you have to leave the label after the input.