Oh actually I said that.

Golida: Cork: it worked! thanks for your help. I also understand what is going on now

Dolby: Casa, it will be your css, adding margin-, padding- etc before left/top and having a different background color other than black may help, also adding a border so you can see its all different sizes may also help

Casa: Guessx is there a way to make it stay in the same spot for the div displaying and show the next div in a different spot ?

Casa: Nevermind i got it to go

Komp: A few thousand lines later, and I get to a point I’m happy with barring some more features: https://github.com/hiltonjanfield/jquery.enhsplitter – also on Bower jquery.enhsplitter, and a Yii2 ***et for those who use it https://github.com/hiltonjanfield/yii2-jquery.enhsplitter

Beitel: And now the wife is yelling at me, so I must got o bed.

Cassatt: Http://jsfiddle.net/vinex08/sf33z88e/1/ right now, only INPUT are working. how can i add SELECT?

Ferebee: Anyone know something as simple/quick as this triggered through jquery? https://daneden.github.io/animate.css/

Rollinger: Rou, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23985763/jquery-text-animation-slide-in

Waiss: Http://jsfiddle.net/vinex08/sf33z88e/1/ right now, only INPUT are working. how can i add SELECT?

Drorbaugh: Cork, http://pastebin.com/d5z7Tch7

Traywick: Pardon the horrid naming

Espejel: Http://stronz.co/#portfolio

Braue: I spent way to much time on that file tree ;_;

Griebling: I have a server that takes some time to start up, how could I “wait” for the server to be alive with ajax? i’m thinking of a request to some URL and then in the error-callback re-request until theres no error. is there a better way?

Shedlock: Griebling: you could have a small separate server you could query and have a long timeout

Vanderboom: And let it tell you when the server is alive

Piraino: How to get width of div in pixels which is wider than screen width?

Terracciano: Griebling: Nope, this return max screen width

Demmon: Toomus: then the element isn’t bigger

Streight: Toomus: note a child can overflow a parent

Griebling: Toomus: http://jsfiddle.net/qwdbf3y5/

Prill: So most likely what you see is a child that is wider then the screen, and you check a parent that isn’t

Benefield: What would be the best way to remove a previously inserted using .after snippet of HTML?

Reinke: Placidb: .next.remove

Gorman: I’m a little confused, because the HTML looks a little like this: /divdiv cl***=”row”/divdiv

Gilman: If you add multiple elements you will have to count the numbers

Bordon: Because I’m breaking up a grid to insert a new row

Dillion: Basically splitting it in half

Otey: Placidb: you can’t add invalid html with after

Espey: And I need to glue it back together

Seabury: So /div will create an extra div there

Lehman: And div at the end will get closed

Vayner: Alright. thanks for the tip there.

Moneymaker: What would be a better way of doing what I described?

Crossfield: Placidb: cause the dom is nodes, and can’t be “open”

Kosowski: You would have to concut strings if you want to manage unclosed elements

Quisenberry: Placidb: but best would be to move to working with elements instead

Millender: So say I have a column grid that spans a couple of rows

Gantnier: And I need to insert some row somewhere to reveal some details about a certain column

Portwood: Which is exactly what I need to do

Seaquist: Not sure what you mean by column grid

Wishum: I mean multiple rows that have multiple cells/columns

Cos: Well then you need to create the new row

Buchalter: Oh actually I said that wrong