Nxplus: I tried building.

Tuomi: I stripped down the movie list example I pasted earlier and didn’t ****yze it enough, but that’s true the refresh should probably be called after the loop

Westaway: Hi guys, I built a cool website with picture using bootstrap and col-md to display pictures of items. Now I m looking for a cool plugin that will allow the user to click on one of the picture to display the real picture in full size AND some kind of slider to display another pictures of the same item. Any advice ?

Worsfold: Hi guys, Why when I click the buttom “Add Task” on first time, the windows is not showing? — https://tools.wmflabs.org/video2commons-test/

Moog: Data is already loaded

Harryman: There are a bunch of plugins that do that so it’s hard to recommend just a few. Depends on what all you want them to do butor

Malinky: The_Photographer: that link only has a link to wikimedia which goes to a login

Mossman: Hi guys, any idea why my form submit isn’t hooked on my page? https://datapeak.hazcod.com/order/register JS in question: http://pastie.org/pastes/10834651/text

Malinky: So your not seeing the ‘called’ message?

Malinky: Console.log$’#formreg’.length; as the first line of your jquery closure

Sherow: Regform instead of formreg :

Malinky: Http://fixingthesejquery.com/#slide1

Eastlund: Who knows how to work with jsTree ? :-

Woodly: Coraxx : what’s the issue?

Kershner: Nxplus: thx for responding :- . my issue is simple . I want to use jsTree to display a 4-level tree structure .and the data .

Firpo: Depending on how complex it is, I might be able to contribute

Osegueda: Coraxx: I might be able to help as well.

Breisch: Coraxx: Can you send a link to the example you are looking at?

Doller: _TWG_: the only example I’m working my code from is this — https://www.jstree.com/docs/json/

Duet: In the section “Using AJAX” they display 2 Root nodes . and when you click one of the nodes the script loads the children .however the node “One More” is loaded to early for my use .only when clicking “Child 2”-node should it be loaded.

Gualdoni: Coraxx: if you look at line 19 you will see where you set the limit. http://kopy.io/EC1Km

Qua: Let me know if that fixes it.

Hytros: _TWG_: And how to I make sure a child-subset is loaded only when clicked on AND with the correct url ?

Bresett: Use kopy.io to send me what you have and I can look it over real quick.

Ivans: Coraxx: which line are you worried about?

Robben: It seems weird if the lazy loading works that way on jstree, by default it should always load on clicking nodes

Dawdy: It should automatically do that.

Aharoni: _TWG_: I’ve just inserted the “max_depth” paramter .however right now the tree level is infinite :-

Benish: That’s odd because my example code came from https://www.jstree.com/demo/ and it was the first post.

Blauser: _TWG_: it seems the “statically” only put in 2 levels from root

Saalfrank: Be right back. Have someone walking into my office.

Leija: My problem is that I don’t yet get the “grammar” of the jQuery and jsTree . so I’m trying to deduct from examples and my experience with programming, how to write the code.

Petrocco: I have an element e for which $e.on’drop’, h does not fire h

Otey: I do not stopPropagation on the event for any descendants of e

Smeck: Nxplus: check my above link . there you will have my “real” question :-

Biro: Coraxx: https://github.com/vakata/jstree#populating-the-tree-using-ajax-and-lazy-loading-nodes

Fulwood: S34n: thanx 😀 .I will take a good look at that

Devis: Coraxx : build a static 4-level test structure and try it out on the example, and about lazyloading nodes, according to docs there is a boolean to control that

Passineau: Nxplus: I tried building the static tree, but I couldn’t . I get the inifinity child-node problem.