No wait. I *purrrrposely*.

Schutter: Jeffreylevesque so you mean you need to change the mime type of the file you’re uplodaing? if it’s a file, the octet-stream is the correct one.

Wordlaw: I just want my “jquery validate” to allow it

Topick: So i want to find exactly what mime type is

Klang: None until you specify it.

Oquinn: So, i can add it to the jquery-validate plugin implementation

Pottenger: If you’re uploading a file, the octet-type one you had earlier is the correct one.

Polowy: Because it’s a file. if you were shipping straight JSON accross as just text, not within a file, it’d be a different story.

Dilick: Jquery-validate is saying it’s “octet-type” or any of ‘text/plain’, ‘text/csv’, ‘text/xml’, ‘application/xml’, ‘application/json’

Musquiz: What’s it saying it is then?

Zaccaria: It’s not text/javascript, or application/javascript

Auman: Files are not either of those.

Kucan: Can i inspect the file through console somehow, and determine

Wilham: Try application/octet-stream

Dewilde: Like element.files0.type, adjusted?

Mekee: I have application/octet-stream, but my logic fails it, meaning it doesn’t recognize the json file as octet

Doggette: And application/json fails?

Giaccio: If so, make a fiddle.

Kearn: Hello, I’m trying to do two things: 1. is getElementsById where the id is dynamic and 2. based on whether the element is checked or not it’s a radio the href value of a link will change

Salierno: There is no such thing as getElementsById

Hismith: You can use a partial attribute selector, but just give the elements in question a cl***.

Sajor: Sorry, getElementById I had been trying to do it with getElementsByCl***Name

Raina: Why use either if you have jquery?

Rutecki: Also, what is $’.set-as-my-clinic’.href’/icrs/user-registration?id=’ + elem; trying to do?

Piacquadio: Trying to replace the href value of a link

Piontek: So what is elem supposed to be?

Talone: Because that’s currently an entire DOM node – you can’t add that onto a string.

Winesett: Are you trying to append the text of that node?

Garrington: That’s the var defined above. The array that is returned is dynamic so I need something that is flexible. I’m trying to aim towards that.

Cirrincione: Still not making sense.

Destefanis: Can you make a fiddle?

Bielefield: Okay, I didn’t know it was an entire DOM. I was trying to just get the value.

Uriostejue: Also, you can just do jQueryfunction$ {}; instead of the iife and the do***ent ready.

Campa: That’ll do the exact same thing

Kucharik: I’ll try to make a fiddle

Breidenthal: Robertmaxrees:

Berks: So first off you need to give those all the same name.

Chay: And second off use a cl*** to select them.

Holzman: Http://

Sean: Sorry to lurk islalobo & robertmaxrees, and just out of curiosity, is this something like what you need?

Mckellop: Monk3y that defeats the point of the channel :

Siner: And that’s closer, but still doesn’t work.

Bisby: O_O? Lurking . or apologising for lurking? ;

Valdovinos: Doing the work for the person asking the question :

Spieler: Still some things to fix there anyway.

Juariqui: No wait. I *purrrrposely* wrote it so it doesn’t work. That’s an exercise for the reader. Etc.