Mazpe something here isn’t.

Kuhry: And it’s clearly a jquery object since .text on the preceding line succeeds.

Knoles: Jeffreylevesque so i should get the error in the console there?

Sheekey: I’m not seeing fileName or fileSize properties available.

Romito: That’s where you’re getting undefineds from.

Lindholm: Ok lets hope that this makes sense.

Lindholm: Https://

Mager: I added the line you suggested –

Ensley: And what do you notice?

Lindholm: Right now i’m able to get to work by a link that has data-toggle and data-target

Lindholm: But i need to get it running with the code starting in line 24

Lindholm: Which will upload the image first. then init the modal with cropper.js inside.

Wiechman: Jeffreylevesque

Lindholm: But it doesnt work from inside $’#avatarfileupload’.fileupload

Phong: A particular part of it?

Lindholm: The $’#cropper-example-2-modal’.on’’, function { }

Canning: Yup the type attribute is empty “”

Stensland: Mazpe use a delegated listener instead.

Bothof: Also, $image will likely change for the new ones.

Scheibelhut: Your element doesn’t exist on pageload it sounds like.

Lidder: What’s a parent element that exists on pageload?

Merlo: Because something like $do***ent.on’

Miskinis: Err, $do***ent.on’’, ‘#cropper-example-2-modal’, function {

Lindholm: So its got nothing to do with the data-*

Schenck: Jeffreylevesque there are also no fileName or fileType properties

Sieja: What’s wrong with this json file?

Pierron: Nothing. those aren’t the names of the properties you’re looking for.

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: oh yeah i forgot to put var $image = $’#cropper-example-2 img’; in the jsfiddle also

Stakes: It’s either application/json or application/octet-stream

Rines: Robertmaxrees, hey, ive changed the whole code,

Chanel: My ‘jquery-validate’ plugin doesn’t detect those options when i upload

Rybarczyk: Robertmaxrees, Is there a way to extend the ‘+’ button trhough the rows of the form?

Vandevander: Jeffreylevesque i really don’t understand what’s so difficult here.

Moceri: Have you set jquery validate to recognize the right mime type.

Glorioso: Marcelofb you don’t need data-id in there.

Kipfer: You could have just real the value of the button.

Kamber: And i’m not sure what you mean by “extend the ‘+’ button”

Clerico: Robertmaxrees: yes, i’ve added those two options last night did not commit though to my array of acceptable mimetypes, When i uploaded the json file, it said not valid

Moreira: Jeffreylevesque make a jsfiddle with your code.

Brayer: Show us what you have.

Jedik: Otherwise we’re not going to get anywhere.

Massarelli: Robertmaxrees, make it bigger

Berliew: Marcelofb that’s a css question.

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees:

Lindholm: Robertmaxrees: line 40 $do***ent.on’’, ‘#cropper-example-2-modal’, function

Lindholm: The upload happens. then nada

Lindholm: No errors on the nada.

Bottomly: Mazpe something here isn’t adding up. are you wanting something to happen when the modal opens, or when the image uploads?