Line226, do a console.

Fontenot: Paulong_basically I think what is the problem but I Dont Know how fixe it!: i have this scrip script src=”C:UserspaulongDo***”/script when i have this script my html appear like this but if i kick those script appear this

Naftzger: How can I make a “loader”? something that will block UI interactions until all scripts are loaded ok?

Bemo: With a spinner, loader or whatever

Besant: How do we select id=”#usermobile”

Verma: I tried $”#usermobile” but didn’t worked, please help thanks!

Lorenzen: Sagar: escape the with $”#usermobile”

Morla: Read here on the top

Jakupcak: Hi. Promises question: I’m iterating through ajax calls like so: clients.eachfunction { $.ajax/* get client info */ } ; I want to do something when they’re all done. What’s the syntax? $.when doesn’t do the trick, it fires before the ajax calls get their callbacks.

Broadstone: AilaG: var requests = clients.mapfunction { return $.ajax/* get client info */ }; $.when.apply$, requests.done.

Svatos: Shoky_: Thanks, trying…

Ehrismann: Shoky_: GREAT, seems to work perfectly. Thanks!

Kolnik: Help! this is working and posting normally, no errors. however this: gives me syntax error, unexpected token h. h is the first character in the value of #mce-PAGE which is a hidden input field

Akimseu: Im not sure whats wrong

Felicia: It’s on line 6 btw !

Loftman: Example: this would return unexpected token “s”

Clattenburg: HowardwLo: maybe when you add that “page” to the post data, the server responds differently? e.g. doesn’t respond with JSON so your p****JSON is causing a syntax error

Baria: Check the devtools network tab to see the actual response

Rathje: My guess would be the server doesn’t like that data, and responds with an error message maybe, that starts with the page value you gave it

Palmertree: Shoky_: the post data looks fine

Stumph: I’m talking about the response, not the request

Nesset: Shoky_: ahhhh. i think i found it, i had a stray echo in the response

Ginns: What a stupid mistake

Lemond: That’d do it too, heh

Collaer: Hi!, is there any .ui-droppable cl*** in css files ?

Mccier: Why does a form submitted on a button’s click event does not send all form fields in the POST data?

Laycock: I have double checked and the form field has the name set too

Chrzan: Input type=’hidden’ id=”seal_bin_input” name=”seal_bin_input” value=””

Attig: My relevant code is

Sargetakis: Appreciate if someone could guide me with this.

Farrel: Guddu_: are those hidden inputs inside forms tags ?

Dilleshaw: Feathersanddown, Thanks for your response. Yes they are.

Cragg: Here is the Html code

Dimarco: On line 201 I am setting that form field and then submitting 2 lines later

Caoili: But POST does not receive it

Lippman: Feathersanddown, The ajax call made inside ***ign_vehicle_conductor submits it

Bux: Wich fields doesn’t fill?

Ruder: But the call made at line 202 does not

Falt: Feathersanddown, Two fields. #seal_bin_input and #seal_load_input

Maulin: Feathersanddown, What do you think could be done?

Barberio: Thanks feathersanddown I will wait

Aylock: For clear code, try to put your javascripts inside one script/script tag at the end of page

Koepper: Feathersanddown, I will do that but is that the error?

Willimas: Line226, do a console.logdata and check what have