Like here, $”img”.click.

Takenaka: Try to upgrade if you can.

Takenaka: Iirc it’s a pita with drupal.

Desalle: Yeah but, everything is a pita with drupal ;

Kelley: Will never use it again

Panyik: Takenaka: our whole site is built with Drupal 7, and i tried to use one module jquery update which allow to use up version of jquery, but it cause something not working properly in site. so had to give up to use updated version of jquery.

Riblett: Takenaka: so unfortunaltey i have to figure out based on what we have :

Takenaka: You’re losing out on support for a lot of browsers.

Takenaka: I’m guessing you’re using deprecated methods.

Elgas: Takenaka: sometimes have no choice. :

Desalle: Ling2: i’ve used drupal 7, and i was able to literally just load the version of jquery i wanted with the script tag, no modules required. your specific setup must be different though, i guess.

Takenaka: Jfive there’s a good chance that he’s using deprecated methods. you also need to remove the old version.

Takenaka: Since using two versions of jquery side by side is kind of a nightmare.

Desalle: We were creating our own custom themes in drupal 7, so maybe that’s the difference here

Paynter: Jfive: probably, but it is to hard to chanage, as site is so large, i will never know what could affect if i change it.

Takenaka: Ling2 you’ll use .bind instead of .on with a version of jquery that old.

Takenaka: Not sure how you set the index of the accordion section to expand though.

Colomb: Takenaka: ok, i am looking at .bind now. but i dont know what is index of accordion section to expand.

Takenaka: You’ll have to figure that part out on your own.

Takenaka: It’s a 0-based index.

Takenaka: So if you want to expand the third section, you’d use 2

Westermeier: Takenaka: ok, it seems .bind will give click function. i will figure it out. thanks

Richins: Takenaka: haha, got it. it just works as i want, with bind. thx

Coco: How do I load remote content into do***ent? tried to run this code but getting following error “SyntaxError: Unexpected token ”

Woolverton: How can I trigger on hover/focus/active in jquery?

Takenaka: You mean the pseudocl***es?

Takenaka: Tagor because you can’t sadly. pseudocl***es are apart of the CSSOM – jquery works with the DOM.

Takenaka: I’d use cl***es for whatever it is instead.

Gaede: Takenaka: instead of doing this in css: .test:hover, .test:focus, .test:active { background-color: red } I want something like $’.test’.on’hover, focus, active’, function { $’.test’.css’background-color’, ‘red’; } in jquery

Takenaka: Yeah, those are css psuedocl***es.

Takenaka: You can detect mouseenter

Pauli: Takenaka: does focus also cover ‘active’? and how would I combine both?

Takenaka: The closest thing you’ll get to “active” is probably “click” but why are you using jquery for this?

Scaman: Takenaka: cause I want to target a different element

Takenaka: Yeah, not really doable that way. do you have a quick fiddle?

Takenaka: I have to leave in a few but i could take a look.

Mill: Takenaka: ok give me a sec

Takenaka: Sorry man i gotta get. good luck though.

Linnemann: Takenaka: ok, hope someone else can help

Pourier: Does anyone know in what I should change the .hover to trigger on hover/focus/active?

Cerutti: I’m having a problem that I’m ***uming is common knowledge but I can’t seem to fix

Cerutti: Basically what I’m seeing is that elements generated by .appending another element don’t seem to work with .click

Cerutti: Like here, $”img”.click should run a function, but it only works on the first image that was there when the page was loaded, not the new one