Jsfiddle puts your.

Lauter: Morning, is it possible to append text containing html entities literally to a div? ie, not transforming & into & or ' into ‘

Lauter: I do need append, i don’t want to override the entire div’s content with it

Lauter: So $’#target’.appendstring.text?

Asman: No. just use .text, not .append

Ihm: Actually append doesn’t transform those. https://jsfiddle.net/hpb0q54z/

Asman: Uh it transformed them.?

Ihm: I was thinking the html was visible, not the & transforming

Asman: Yah. anyways if he really has html in the div beforehand then just using text won’t work. can .append a span and fill the span with .text

Ihm: I’d agree, and then you don’t have free floating content nodes, :

Ihm: Booya, or go vanilla https://jsfiddle.net/hpb0q54z/1/

Wanzek: I select some stuff from a website, put it in a form I inject in the same website and post it to another website. All with greasemonkey. Now the other website throws an error because my content is not utf-8. How can jquery help there?

Millbern: Hi all, How do I select the html within the hidden_result element?

Kor: Blinky_ : no different from selecting on a non-hidden element?

Bellmay: Since it is still in the dom

Goldberger: You dont need to wrap this to set it as context

Kuhta: This code is in an event handler

Kasserman: But this and $this are different things!

Goldberger: They are but that doesnt matter for the context argument

Voegeli: Now i got it. thanks :

Barahana: Why doesn’t “:selected” return the selected options?

Dolinger: AJS.$”#sprints option” = option value=​”28″ selected​28​/option​, option value=​”29″ selected​29​/option​, option value=​”0″ selected​Backlog​/option​

Gaietto: AJS.$”#sprints option:selected” =

Maras: I have load jquery.mobile 1.4.5 after jquery1.11.2.

Nannie: On”click” work, on”tap” doesn’t.

Carello: No errors thron in the browser-console

Robaina: This work: $’.textKachel’.on”click”,function{console.log”test”;};

Delaughter: This don’t : $’.textKachel’.on”tap”,function{console.log”test”;};

Hegge: Hello, I am using a plugin called formvalidation.io and something has gone awry. I am not entirely sure what it is, but I believe this is the offending code: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/df806dcf8c960c1fa58d2256c6eeafb3 .

Morgana: For some reason, I have to click the submit button two times. Does anyone have any insight as to what might be causing this issue?

Roik: Please don’t paste code directly in the chat. Use pastebin or some other site for your code.

Krehel: _TWG_ : I’m ***uming it’s actually ok with short lines of code? although perhaps that one was on the border

Brecht: Best rule of thumb is to always to use something like Pastebin as when the chat gets busy, it can get lost quickly.

Mchardy: Prillian5 : why is it not working? is the tap supported?

Ohmann: I don’t know, I think so.

Dau: Jquery-mobile support it

Hitz: And you have load order: jquery.js then jquery-mobile.js ?

Pozniak: Prillian5 try this http://kopy.io/0Mwzu

Leisten: Nxplus: yes, load both. jquery-mobile is loaded . .cl*** ui-mobile is set for html

Martling: _TWG_: not working. Maybe I try to trigger another element. One moment

Boise: Hmpf, iframe onload=”” works, where $’iframe’.load doesn’t.

Glaue: Tuite: does the iframe element exist at the load call?

Aley: Yes, I alert iframe.length first

Hopkins: Hmm. same in all browsers?

Vongkhamphanh: I just tried chrome https://jsfiddle.net/3Lat4r71/

Keats: Lets see what else I got here

Goldberger: Jsfiddle puts your javascript in a window load