Jonno_FTW: everything else.

Szychowski: What’s everybody working on today?

Malkiewicz: Szychowski: trigger your unused brainparts then 😀

Bowdry: So you can catch up 😛

Szychowski: Croghan i’m really not sure what that means, but ok.

Szychowski: I’m not sure if you’re trying to insult me now, but maybe we can get back to something roughly on topic ;

Nazzal: Szychowski: sarcasm is never insulting, you seem to have some focus on that word ;

Szychowski: Without other cues it’s hard to pick up on whether somebody is being sarcastic or not.

Abercombie: Szychowski: it’s too easy to get yourself into a victimrole, but anyways, we won’t go there : other things todo

Faris: Is there a nice way to check if jquery is present and load it, if it isn’t?

Study: Azrael_- just saw this.

Szychowski: Azrael_- there aren’t any nice ways, no.

Szychowski: Generally, you should guarantee that JQ is loaded already.

Ptacek: Szychowski: found this one and it sounds at least not that bad:

Szychowski: You shouldn’t need to do that in the first place is my point.

Szychowski: Why are you trying to do that?

Mann: Szychowski: i want to provide an include-code-snippet for potentially multiple sites to load a video player. as i don’t have any control about the environment my snippet is embedded i thought about loading jquery if it isn’t present and using some of its functions

Szychowski: You should tell them jquery is a requirement.

Ponzo: I already have to load an external library as basis for the player. i’m currently using this script here no dependency to jquery yet:

Reamer: Just modified this example for my lib

Szychowski: But you can’t guarantee the version the site has loaded.

Mitcheltree: Correct, that’s my main concern. same regarding the plugins

Szychowski: Which is why you require speciic versions.

Szychowski: Tell the developer to.

Szychowski: Instead of loading it yourself.

Szychowski: Otherwise you run the risk of, say, stomping all over their copy of jquery.

Foy: Seems like you can avoid some of these things using noconflict

Szychowski: That’s still not a guarantee.

Szychowski: You’re also now adding extra libraries/requests to their page.

Szychowski: Just require a particular version of jquery and call it a day.

Szychowski: That’s a really common thing to do.

Carmena: Thanks for the hints, will follow them

Eichorst: For load balancing for my video player i have to generate the playlist of the player using some backend methods. should i server the player code with a static file and retrieve the playlist using an ajax-call or should i generate the player code the js-file using the dynamic backend php?

Alberta: How do you hide a div by clicking anywhere else except ‘it’ on the screen, see fiddle –

Musco: Any help much appreciated

Mcclurken: Anyone familiar with p****HTML function? I get different results when using the console and when using the dom

Shillingsford: Drei: use $window.clickfunction{.}

Weitman: Put some if statements in the function

Stengle: What about this Jonn_FTW –

Murdaugh: Press tab to complete names

Kuzara: So you want a div to disappear if you click anywhere but the button?

Wofford: Looks like you got it

Pehler: Ah sorry it does work but I don’t want it to close when you click on the input Jonno_FTW

Persad: Jonno_FTW: it does work but I don’t want it to close when you click on the input

Beady: Jonno_FTW: everything else but the thing that is getting toggled