Jonez, I figured out what.

Toan: To what github repo would the issue be targeted?

Ihm: Https://

Ihm: There’s a link to the github on the website

Hoople: But that’s the plugin

Ihm: Though. you might not be in luck

Lummus: Jquery slider code never changes?

Ihm: This thing hasn’t been updated in atleast 2 years it looks like

Ihm: Have you considered ?

Ihm: Looks like it does not have the same issue

Strachan: Where’s /resources/demos/style.css?

Ihm: That’s just for their demo page

Ihm: You only need the themes one

Ihm: If you don’t want to do their download builder, you can grab the files from google cdn

Ihm: Https://

Yorkman: Thanks Ihm, I think I can work with this

Lobur: I’m trying to use jquery’s $.ajax function to send data to a PHP file, and return a JSON request, but on ‘success’ there is no data present whatsoever when i alert. I tried the form without jQuery and it does indeed send a JSON response, but I can’t pinpoint where I’m messing up with my code:

Foulcard: Urmal_, I’m afraid I don’t know quite enough to answer clearly, but I will do my best to help you :

Shandy: Jonez, i appreciate any help. is there anything specific that you need?

Yoest: I would add a log entry on the php end that proves you are sending a json response

Geldrich: Make sure it is proper

Figlioli: Then on the js end, log what the php sends you and make sure *that* is proper

Rapelyea: If php logs that it is sending a proper json response, but you get a null on the js side, you know where to start troubleshootin

Shell: Jonez, this is the json response produced from the PHP end:

Dobrowolski: Jonez, as far as the javascript end goes though, alertdata on the success callback just says ‘undefined’

Wojtaszek: So there is no data being sent back period

Zepf: Urmal_, ok, so the php is sending a . dictionary with a list value?

Bogdon: Key is “status” and value is a list starting with “error”

Riesinger: Jonez, well it’s being output through echo json_encode$response;

Cardin: Am I correctly interpreting the json response?

Vandervoort: Key is status, and its value is error. message is the list with all the respective messages for that.

Hendsbee: Ok, so you have a dict w two keys, “status” and “message”

Leadingham: Yes, that is correct.

Burau: So on the js side, what do you gret?

Cartelli: Correction, jonez so on the js side, what do you get?

Magathan: You said ‘undefined’?

Poyneer: Urmal_, do you see where I am going with this?

Baptist: It looks like your php is outputting the right bit of text

Tappin: As in, json encoded, a dictionary with two keys which you say is as intended.

Tautolo: So now you need to debug the js end and why you get an ‘undefined’

Flor: Urmal_, are you using a linux distro?

Pucella: I’m on windows unfortunately

Probst: My thought is that you could use ‘wget’ or similar and do a request from the php and see if what you get on the client side is proper

Gayles: I do not know the windows world anymore.

Bruington: More than likely you have messed up the .ajax call and for some reason your var is not populated

Oppelt: I suspect if you did a direct request to the php side, it would return a properly json encoded result which is what you want

Rando: Jonez, I figured out what the issue was. AJAX was never sending POST data to the PHP file for some reason when I was using serialize