Jeffreylevesque you mean.

Popovitch: Marcelofb: concept

Hemsath: It’s his homework yo.

Fleischner: I just showed the delegate with a couple buttons

Macola: Gotta learn to ask the hard questions.

Mccurine: Can someone use any online tool of their choice, or tell me which to use, and verify the mimetype for

Mcneill: I was using –, and it said “application/octet-stream”

Gendernalik: I tried building my own js validation logic –, and added application/octet-stream”, but it did not recognize the mime type

Wohlrab: Trying to get the mime type of

Salamone: That page would not have the correct mime type.

Nevil: Because that’s an actual full html page.

Philabaum: And building it correspondingly in

Faubel: I mean i have the code locally

Vallerand: But, it’s on github too

Poeling: The mime type is determined by your server.

Kunert: So you need to set that locally.

Elg: Https://

Drude: I use a VM inside ***rant, and port-forward

Faupel: The server within ***rant needs to have it set.

Surrency: So i access my program on the host machine, not in the vm

Soldo: I goto /etc/mime/types, and json mimetypes are included in there

Kullman: Your server application software.

Kovalcin: What server are you using?

Sirosky: Http://

Tavarez: Http://

Simler: Looks like the second arg to Response

Avant: ResponseyourJSON, mimetype=’application/json’

Jahosky: I am trying to loop through each input with a cl*** selector. The purpose is to show or hide related fields. For some reason I can get it to work on change function, but not onload. Why might this code not be working as I want it to?

Krok: This involves backend logic, right? I mean my jquery mime test, is all front end

Montijano: Within “jQuery validate” plugin library

Kill: Jeffreylevesque the backend needs to have the correct mime type.

Schreyer: Jquery has nothing to do with that part.

Bredehoft: Eminencehc open your dev tools.

Sos: What if my application is all front end

Mensick: Pretty easy to see what the issue is :

Phelps: Jeffreylevesque flask still controls the mime type.

Cuartas: I’m not sure how else to phrase that.

Starowicz: Mime type is controlled by the server.

Charfauros: Eminencehc if $this.val == “1” { – you want if $this.val === ‘1’ {

Dolgas: My jquery validate, validates csv, and xml. and i never defined anything for that

Botti: Jeffreylevesque because none of that has anything to do with anything

Thansamai: Your server needs to specify the correct mime type.

Yokum: Robertmaxrees: Oh, thanks. I need to go read more about jquery conditionals I suppose.

Beazley: But, it’s a file upload from the client side

Fugit: Eminencehc it was .val vs .val

Pizarro: I upload the file, and validate it, before it’s sent to the server side

Clemenza: Robertmaxrees: OMG. sorry

Borson: Jeffreylevesque you mean you validate it before you upload it?