Javascript isn’t even.

Anastasia: There isn’t really a way to “know” in javascript

Goldberger: Arguments is a reserved name for an array of all args

Stofflet: Decx: actually it isn’t an array

Kracht: It is an array like object

Dow: It lacks a lot of array functions

Ihm: Heh, is that to promote people to actually declare their inputs? ;

Rohen: Ihm, thanks i see the issue because i have a one page app which loads other pages depending on what the user is doing

Nishi: Console.log$’#accordion’.length; runs when the home page is loaded and doesnt run again after

Dahlin: Decx: . isn’t arugments its a new overflow name that’s completely slipped my mind right now

Audie: So i might need to add it to an on click listner

Uong: Http://,js,output

Marie: Decx: ya you have to do Array.prototype.function.callarguments, options for a lof of array things with arguments

Haviland: Berpcor2: please use jsfiddle

Ihm: And Cork already told you you have to look at the docs

Badlam: Https://

Goldberger: You’re actually better of just for looping through them as all the array methods actually create a new array that just sits there in memory

Ihm: Http://

Damario: Berpcor2:

Dever: Ihm: actaully it isn’t exactly deferred.done

Kleid: Cause the arguments you get from deferred isn’t defined

Calligaro: What you get from jqxhr is though

Ihm: Yeah, i wasn’t sure if there was another page

Sobran: This is exactly like I was thought about it. Averall: my custom functions – I set what functions get. Any native functions for javascript or any other library, like jquery – I see docs.

Matacale: Javascript isn’t a liverary though :

Reins: Javascript is the language jquery is a lib

Treger: I am just was wundering, when somebody in their video lessons so easily told what means one argument or another. They’ve just knew it by reading the docs. Now I understand

Dillen: Ya, you will remember what a lot of the functions take/returns

Hackerott: Got it. Thanks a lot, guys.

Ihm: It’s like explaining a tv remote to someone

Frondorf: Do***ent.requestAnimationFramefunctiontime {};

Coolbaugh: Any idea why video.get0.prop’src’, ”; would trigger TypeError: e.get..prop is not a function

Volinsky: Jagst3r15: cause prop is a jquery function

Goldberger: Get retrieves a dom node

Dobles: Jagst3r15: replace .get with .qe

Ihm: You type fast for a one handed guy, lol

Curtis: Can someone help me with a question about updating Jquery in a wordpress site?

Kluesner: Hi Ihm.guess what? I found the issue

Luco: Rewte: i already answered that the last time you asked

Nian: It rolled off the screen overnight while i was away

Reing: How do I see further back?

Scoggin: Rewte: check the channel topic

Sikarskie: Ihm in Chrome’s latest version when the sockets hit 6 it will throw a video pending issue

Wojnowski: Chrome’s latest version has issues closing out sockets when audio/video ends

Sondrup: Yeah.but I am trying to ***ign a variable to the source

Senegal: But then add it back in on end

Schrecengost: The source of the video that is

Heerkes: Jagst3r15: i don’t think that will work

Ihm: Your going to destroy it while it’s playing?

Zuniega: The socket way below the javascript

Geitgey: Javascript isn’t even suppose to be able to tell if the socket is open or the browser plays from cache