It’s definitely the body.

Hartung: Cork so so understand tahnks

Lemear: When i set css height on my tabs the content is missing

Paullus: Hey guys, I have a scrollbar on my page, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what element it’s coming from. Is there a function I can use?

Szychowski: Ckb shouldn’t need it. your inspector should be all you need.

Szychowski: Got it live somewhere?

Szychowski: Why can’t you toss it to the channel?

Soulier: Er… you have to be logged in to see it ; one second

Malinky: Yeah probably dont want to give login info in chat :/

Serafino: Http:// if you’re in mobile, the drawer/overlay

Szychowski: So i need ot be in mobile?

Szychowski: So the scrollbar you see for this page?

Pourchot: Well, click on the menu… the scrollbar that’s behind it. I can still scroll the page and I’m trying to prevent that

Szychowski: That’s a different question than what you asked :

Szychowski: Http://

Szychowski: You want something like this.

Szychowski: Basically, set overflow: hidden; on the body.

Formby: Szychowski: I’ve tried that, but no dice

Szychowski: Hahaha you could hack it by doing a position: fixed; on the body instead.

Szychowski: Why are you setting height on the body btw?

Phoubandith: Not really sure. It’s a schmorgasborg of hacks already

Songco: When i set css height on my tabs the content is missing

Szychowski: Ckb the probnlem with fixed positioning is the user will lose their scroll position.

Szychowski: Ckb maybe look at

Moun: Szychowski: gonna try this thanks. exactly what I wanted

Neef: Szychowski: can you translate that vanilla JS to jQ? :

Szychowski: Why not just use the JS?

Maccarthy: I’m trying trying to append some values to particular container. The data is gotten with ajax. The problem is I get many values and they’re all undefined . the response and the code can be seen here –

Marshman: From the JSON response it seems that the problem is not in the response itself, but how I handle it

Szychowski: For var key in info { is no good.

Aycock: It’s still scrolling

Authement: I don’t think it’s the body that’s scrolling :

Szychowski: Ckb it might need some tweaking and css modifications.

Szychowski: Then maybe it’s a child container.

Tollefsrud: Should I try using $.each ?

Szychowski: Akimb first off, are the keys going to be 0, 1, 2, etc?

Gordo: No, the json response can be seen at the bottom

Szychowski: Right, and the key for the data is a number.

Cassiday: So should I make for var key in info’0′ ?

Szychowski: I was going to suggest this should be an array instead.

Goldberger: Send an array and not this php array ****

Goldberger: I dont even know how you create this structure but i had to deal with it too many times

Szychowski: And is a bad idea.

Goldberger: Backend guy: hey i just send you an array. { 0: {}, 1: {}} me: no

Szychowski: If you need to use it, add in a hasOwnProperty check juuuust in case. in this case though, use the right data structure.

Arseneau: Szychowski: now body.scrollTop is 0 BUT overflow: hidden !important; does NOTHING

Szychowski: Decx hahahaha we actually do all that work on our own here.

Szychowski: Ckb yeah you have something else going on duder.

Szychowski: Something else is scrolling.

Jablonsky: It’s definitely the body now :