It’s cool, i’m not the only.

Ihm: Rethus:

Ihm: Skywater: ok, where is your X clicking logic?

Ihm: Or is that built in to the input type=”search” input?

Lattanzio: Is there a tidier way to do this? $;

Palenik: A I see. great, thank you

Ihm: Audlex: possibly if there were some cl***es involved

Ihm: If $this.parent.parent had a cl*** then you could do $this.closest’.parentCl***’

Ihm: And then if whatever had a cl*** it would all be $this.closest’.parentCl***’.find’.nextNextCl***’.slideToggle

Goldberger: Silblings filter is more apprope

Ristig: Hi there! I currently got a problem eithusing jQuery 2.2.3 on Windows 0 Mobile.

Monroig: I mean: I currently got a problem with using jQuery 2.2.3 on Windows 10 Mobile.

Stam: It seems that click events are omitted once and therefore only work on the second tap.

April: Is anyone here that could ***ist with this problem please?

Sorrick: Is there a way to set toggle to display:inline-block, instead “block” ?

Sivick: There is toggleCl*** as workaround

Qazi: Hey everyone – I’m getting an error in IE 11 in 8 compat mode SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘getAttribute’ File: jquery-1.12.1.min.js, Line: 4, Column: 14060 – this is when I load something in an iframe so the debugger doesn’t break as it should it only does it on the first execution of the code – any tips on how I can trace this?

Dauer: Ackis are you trying to getAttribute of an element within the iframe?

Goewey: Dauer: most likely – inherited code for some custom SharePoint – I’m just trying to figure out where it’s break for me to find the root cause

Dauer: Its breaking because there are restrictions about accessing the DOM of iframed content Ackis

Dauer: If youre iframing from the same domain, you have some options. If not, youre going to have a bad time

Fate: Dauer: thanks – I was able to track it down: var URL = $location.attr”href”.replace/.*?SitePages.+/g, “$1” + “_vti_bin/listdata.svc/” + listName;

Orejuela: Hi. i have jquery dialog. cant use ui-dialog cl*** because its used by another window. any solution please ?

Fore: Szychowski: i have 2 layers and both are of ui-dialog cl***, so i cant use ui-dialog to change z-index

Szychowski: So you have 2 dialogs open at the same time?

Szychowski: Heh okay. you can use*** to add another cl*** to the particualr one you care about.

Carela: Szychowski: thank you.

Ihm: Trying to buy a house

Ihm: 50% scared, 50% lets just get it over with, lol

Szychowski: I remember that feeling.

Szychowski: Except we didn’t have a bidding war, the people we bought from were just dumb.

Szychowski: Like, we were in the middle of signing all of the paperwork when they said they were thinking about transferring ownership to a corporation so the wife’s mom could get her cut of the proceeds.

Szychowski: The whole thing was nuts.

Szychowski: Like, literally their agent called ours while we were signing paperwork.

Ihm: I feel like this guy is a flipper. bought it 2 years ago as foreclosure and now selling it

Ihm: Works for me. within my price range. no carpet floors. needs some love with the roof and other than not having uverse available not bad. does have comcast access

Schraff: Szychowski: if ui-dialog cl*** has z-index !important, and i add cl*** to ui-dialog as zindex !important, wont these two properties interfere?

Szychowski: You have to make sure your second rule is higher specificity.

Cser: You around today Ihm?

Szychowski: Ihm has a new friend :

Ihm: In the middle of a sandwich, but yep, :

Ihm: It’s cool, i’m not the only one here, ;