Its all owrking correct,.

Aschenbrener: No clue how to do that

Weikert: Ihm: you can go any month, any year in .from and .to

Erekson: Slereah: as far as i can tell those only adds script files to the iframe html

Tonne: Slereah: and that should actually work just fine

Opsahl: The script isn’t loaded, though

Barbalich: Slereah: check where wp puts the script tag

Loughary: Might be a wordpress problem, because it works fine outside of it

Chadek: This looks more like a ##php or ##wordpress question by the second

Pothier: Yeah maybe I should make a question on WordPress Stack Exchange

Vuono: Thanks for the help, anyhow

Ihm: Weikert: $.trim$this.text

Carolus: That they do, but I asked there already

Pastorino: Not a lot of activity

Weikert: Ihm: $trim is for removing white space

Ihm: String.prototype has a trim method

Weikert: Ihm: did i use wrongly?

Ihm: Eh, I guess it depends if you need IE 9 support

Ihm: Strange, figured that would be an older method

Rodes: Ihm: sorry i disconnected

Richwine: Ihm: i dont think i need those support

Heykoop: Ihm: i guess my progress is all good

Ihm: But other than that, just glancing at the code i don’t see anything big. just some uncached $this here and there. and you still have $box# variables that are still not very descriptive about what they are

Teig: Ihm: i hope one day i can write bigger things

Ducasse: Something is always better than nothing

Flanigan: People around me dont know javascript thats really obstacle

Chorney: I think to change my job hopefully next job make me get into JS more deeply

Ihm: Ah, well, of course this is just my opinion, that just involves finding your own coding pattern/architecture that makes sense

Ihm: And you don’t have to write it all if you don’t want to

Ihm: Lots of frameworks out there that can help standardize your code base in that regard

Marcheski: I like JavaScript, Jquery

Dwellingham: I think to learn about angular

Ihm: Though maybe underscore and react are libraries. *shrug*

Coones: There is lots of thing

Sanville: First i need to learn node.JS imho

Ihm: Shouldn’t be that hard

Ihm: Provided you might have to beef up your js chops a little more

Kronstedt: I am taking note about new things

Lager: At the same time i improve my english

Ihm: It’s most likely derived from body building

Ihm: Getting stronger == beefing up == improving

Ihm: I dunno where that originates

Sechang: Why would this not work? $’.panel-group’.fadeOut400,function{$’.en’.fadeIn;};

Ange: You are real nice person indeed

Nabavian: Basically it should fadeIn when the fadeOut is FINISHED

Cardelli: I think you should remove ;

Ihm: It’s inside a function, that’s fine

Wissler: Hey guys, i’ve got a weird issue. I’m working on a page that submits a simple AJAX post to the server the strange thing is if you browse to this page the submit button doesn’t work but if you’re on this page and you refresh it it works. Any ideas/

Deperte: Hmm sorryu what console say

Santrmire: Nothing otherwise I wouldnt come here 😛

Galluccio: The doc states I can apply a callback

Insognia: As the 2nd or 3rd parameter

Hanusey: Yea it fades out correctly

Schrom: Its all owrking correct, just the fadeIn doesnt happen as callback