It would probably need to.

Barrio: Not checking for this header

Asman: Itaipu: you can have the server enable CORS by replying with the proper cors headers. it’s not a trick 😛

Fageraes: I have an API that basically allows me to store an X, Y coordinate with a width and height in FRACTIONS of the page size, so not actual units — what’s the best way to display pdf do***ents to a user and have them view where the rectangles are placed, and also draw their own so i can save them via api?

Tasso: Woops i think wrong channel i meant #javascript ha

Alattar: Although jquery may have a library hmmmmm

Willyard: Kegster: look for a plotter library

Appel: There is for both canvas and svg

Pizani: Cork, interesting. i found things like JCanvas, but it’s all drawn with the code

Bischel: Cork, when i look up plotter, i find things like charts, graphs, etc

Heck: Kegster: yes, and some of them has support for user interaction

Kanable: Raphaël.js is another lib you might want to look at

Goldberger: How do you even write a trema e

Goldberger: Do you have a key or trema ¨ or do use like alt-keycode

Appana: Depends on your layout obviously, on mine it’s ¨+e 😀

Goldberger: Oh so there’s a key for it

Goldberger: I got äöü and all kinds of accents, but not trema ¨

Belloso: Cork, i saw that but it was frehand

Ihm: That sounds like a lonely game

Ihm: No one clapped for that? guess your playing freehand

Goldberger: Http://

Ihm: I can’t see any bart picture and not start singing the bartman

Gehr: Hey there. I’m having a strange problem on IE8 where the jQuery.camelCase method is being called by jQuery seemingly from trying to apply CSS properties on an undefined value when it is expecting a string. This is causing an undesired error on the page. Has anyone has this problem before?

Heaps: I’m trying but moving outside of the window while grabbing the slider, the slider gets stuck to the mouse, as if it were being dragged, but the button-up event happened outside the window, until clicking on the slider again

Dorion: Is it a problem with this plugin or jquery sliders in general?

Dargin: Ideally I’d like a slider that behaves such that when grabbed, the slider follows the mouse even if the mouse cursor isn’t directly over the slider element

Brender: Also after moving the slider to 0 it gets stuck

Porto: Stuck = behaving as if it were grabbed when no mouse buttons are clicked

Friede: Ah, only happens if the slider is close to the left side of the window, same deal, mouse button-up happens on the border of the window

Bermeo: How much resource does it take to say ifmyvariable != null ?

Ihm: What do you mean ‘resource’?

Ihm: Soreau: it’s probably something to do with the mouse being released outside the window so there is no mouseup event

Mund: Ihm: Are there enter/leave events?

Ihm: I’m looking to see if there is an event when the mouse leaves the browser window

Boquet: Seems like this is an issue with the underlying implementation

Ihm: Https:// you could use mouseleave

Ihm: Yeah, it’s a potential bug

Ihm: If your inclined to do so, you could open an issue on the github

Stickel: I guess it would be undesired behavior to be dragging the slider and accidentally go outside the window and suddenly it’s not grabbed even though there was no mouseup

Ihm: Possibly. as it is to correct it you just click

Ihm: And if your using this element mainly on mobile devices, probably a mute point

Mccloud: It would probably need to track the state of the buttons upon leaving and entering, if there is a button clicked on leaving, upon entering it would need to do nothing if a button is clicked, otherwise ungrab