Is there a way to simply.

Rairdon: Make sure thaqt was it

Mattos: I cant find it in my code anywhere

Mattos: Highcharts must be including it

Figurski: They must be but that’s most likely whats causing your problem

Mattos: Id never have found that

Weyrauch: Aro: I think I see you on the cake channel sometimes.just realized on jquery hah

Laregina: Anyone know if in highcharts you can update the tooltipformat on an existing chart

Yanity: Question: I have a 2 column, 7 row static table where the second column has select dropdown boxes on every row. I’m trying to write some code that detects if one of the select boxes changes.

Burth: And if so, checks the values of the other 6 select boxes and if the value of the changed select box matches the value of any of the rows, it flips the other row back to the default “Disabled” value

Mok: Does anyone have an example of anything like that?

Ganes: I’ve been browsing stack overflow for 2 hours

Demuro: Droptone.

Halbur: Droptone:

Witherspoon: Checking that out, thank you

Shigemitsu: Hmm, it’s not working. Oh, I have to set the cl*** of the select boxes to match this, not the table.

Alves: Yup, still no effect. Hmm.

Smitty: Does it matter if the code appears before or after the table?

Colp: Hang on I ****ed that up.gist your select box html

Pentaris: Well it’s a Rails 4.2.x project so I’ll have to gist the HTML generated. One sec

Aquilera: With the table, each select box has the cl*** pait_type

Virga: Why is this not generating the source, heavens.

Muni: It’s probably because I’m using an AJAX call to pull API data and load the rest of the page.

Flieller: Let me create a generic table

Lusane: Well if you throw up any generic table with a select box that’ll do, at least 2 rows for testing and the first item in the options for select being “Disabled”

Chastang: Yeah, the way I have this coded using an AJAX call to load the tables prevents me from viewing page source

Bushart: No clue why that’s the case

Cezil: The browser is rendering it

Baisey: What’s missing with that code you gisted? I set the cl*** of the select boxes to match the cl*** specified

Popplewell: Ok, console.log indicates it’s detecting the change but I’m getting a TypeError

Truslow: Typeof length === “number” && length 0 && length – 1 in obj;

Ledesma: This is the line generating the TypeError: $.each’.cl_pait_url_type’, functionkey, val {

Antunes: So the .each looping through the other values in the select boxes throws a TypeError

Murasso: Droptone:

Militante: Had to put my kids to bed

Renton: Deryco: that calls the function on select box change without error, I added a test console.log, but it doesn’t alter the values

Baloy: If I put a console.log line after every line of code for testing, it appears this line generates no output after: $this.siblings.eachfunction {

Kounick: Indicating the this.siblings finds no values

Grollman: All the select boxes in the table have the same cl***, but different IDs

Huyna: So now it’s not erroring out, and I confirmed current has the right value, the value of the select box

Hasha: The only remaining issue is iterating over the other select boxes in the other rows, all of which have the same cl*** but differnet ids

Unzueta: No idea why .siblings isn’t finding them

Mcgaugh: Good lord why is this so difficult

Merkley: Is there a way to simply specify one row to iterate through