Is there a way to load an.

Stueber: There is only one datepicker

Redfield: It is actually simple

Ihm: Your missing one small part though

Weisholz: I can do some sophisticated works

Mazingo: So i dont know what i am really 😀

Vanleuvan: I dont quiet understand why we check id

Ihm: Make your to work and try it out a few times. you’ll see it

Keating: I guess my brain dictates me

Gerhold: It must be complicated

Ihm: I can tell you, but you need to find it

Entel: After using $selector.css’left’, ‘-100%’; to bring div on screen, the text in the box smears a little bit on safari on a mac.

Brydges: I can’t replicate the issue but i see it on a friend’s screen

Calico: Ihm:

Virden: Kegster: it eems it is css question

Ihm: But chain your calls instead of looking the element up twice

Kempler: Taplar_meeting: when you come here

Lauck: Thanks i need to simplify my mind

Brady: Actually i’m using animate my bad

Vais: Https://

Dowdle: There’s the code that moves it off screen for JS users, and moves back on when scrolling in

Goldberger: Never lookup in scroll

Deturenne: How do you add some px to this? var height = jQuery’.my-div’.innerHeight + 33px;

Ovando: Decx, Ihm, i’m interesting in your “chain the call instead of looking it up” and no lookups inside scroll–but unsure how to do what you mean. how can i chain it if it’s not a full chain ie code inbetween

Goldberger: Px gets added automagically

Goldberger: Var blah = $’.mything’

Goldberger: Now blah is a memory reference to that object

Finco: I can just blah.animate ?

Goldberger: To check it you just look at the memory pointer instead of the dom itself

Avella: I didnt think that would work bc you’d need $ and that looks up anyway i thought

Loftin: Would this cause the smearin?

Goldberger: Here’s a super performant inscreencheck i wrote myself

Peat: Kegster so I need to make a variable that is set to 33?

Iacuzio: Here’s the screenshot of the smearing safari on mac: by the “W” on Welcome

Huge: Stevenli__, based on yoour example, not sure where myVar comes to play

Cupstid: Are you trying to make 33 dynaic?

Stratman: I just need to add 33px to the height

Boisjolie: Decx, the imgur image for you

Vargas: Will the event listener ever be initialized if inside a module and without any direct call to any init function?

Espitia: Stevenli__, the line of code you gave just adds 33 to the var height. is this what you want to accomplish, or actually make the object 33px taller?

Odaniel: Stevenli__, drop the ‘px’

Goldberger: What am i supposed to see there

Hollender: Decx, where “Welcome” is

Bou: It smears the top of hte W

Virgen: I can’t replicate, but my buddy’s laptop doe slol

Goldberger: That’s not something that happens from scroll

Zabenko: Having trouble loading json response into DataTables. The data is loading one row per character. Check our my paste for the code & response. Any help appreciated

Fagundo: How can I unbind a keyup event from a list of elements

Frieze: How can I unbind a keyup event from a list of elements

Gwinn: Is there a way to load an external url into a modal box without using iframe?