Is there a jquery validate.

Sampselle: Mattila, so then in reality it would be like this: $selector.removeCl***’oldCl***1′.removeCl***’oldCl***2′.addCl***’newCl***1′.addCl***’newCl***2′;

Mattila: That would add the new cl***es to all the selectors

Mattila: If that is not what is intended, you’ll need to filter like i did above

Beadnell: Holy mother of cl***es

Brackins: That takes so much more time though and what I was trying to avoid xD

Whiteaker: Column cl***es are no fun when trying to A/B test :

Mattila: Jquery ui 1.7,***/

Mattila: Or i guess 1.7 was a change to the queue thing, anyway,

Honse: Hmmm, thanks Mattila, it’s leading towards taking my time and just building it out one by one. :

Blitch: Is jQuery”body”.clickfunctione{ the way to do something like jQuery”do***ent”.clickfunctione{ where i need to capture an event inside the window area

Hawkin: I’m doing some hid stuff on a page, but when you first load the page you can see the stuff I want to hide. When the page loads, then it hides. Looks bad to the user. Any way to hide before the entire page loads?

Mattila: VectorX: either should work

Mattila: VectorX: but as a general rule, bind as low as possible

Dovey: Do***ent doesnt seem to be working

Ruppenthal: If i change to body it does

Klez: So do body over do***ent which is what you are saying, ie binding low

Mattila: As low as possible, so if your concerned with a click event on an image, bind on the image, or delegate bind on the images parent

Mattila: But if you truely are concerned with the entire body, it meets your needs to bind on the body

Ondrey: I got a expanding search button, so trying to catch anything other than the search so i can close it, if either the input or the icon wasnt clicked

Minchow: Generally im only concerned with a few parts of the body, but in this case everything but those parts

Mattila: Tash: you’ll need to make it hidden in the html then, or dynamically add it to the body after the fact

Kumro: Ok, I might try the former first

Gavigan: Tash why not use a cl*** and hide with that first then it will be faster

Groll: VectorX: I don’t know why : Still learning as I go. I should probably show the code for a little more context: . That’s in $do***ent.readyfunction{} I’m doing a .get and based on that result I’m hiding stuff. I just want it to be less visible to the user that I’m actually doing that.

Mattila: Uh, what are you doing with the data?

Mattila: Other than logging it

Airington: Tash so add a deafult css cl*** like .user_bar {display : none} and you will be good to go

Harbough: Mattila: $’.notes_box_content’.htmldata;

Melott: Then when you need .show using js

Bushell: Sorry I didn’t noticed that got removed from my paste

Mattila: Are those cl***es meaning to reference elements in the data?

Bentz: Yeah, those cl***es are just so I can select them, should I be using id’s instead?

Mattila: No, what i mean is, your trying to hide elements that are being added to the page, via that data

Hayburn: Ah, no . the things that are being hidden are static, they aren’t being created with the data

Glaviano: I just added the cl***es to them so I could use as selectors.

Dibari: VectorX: thanks. I’ll give that a shot

Mattila: Yeah so try what VectorX said

Escarcega: Roger, going to give it a try now

Azer: Is it possible conditional validation?.for example If I have 2 input boxes.that are initially required.if one for them gets filled than the other ceases to be required

Mormile: Dimi1947 yes it is possible

Pellerito: That would be a bery basic check

Kloberdanz: Is there a jquery validate method for that?