Is the path to the images.

Dondlinger: Robertmaxrees: no errors

Gittings: Can you show me what you mean decx?

Dech: Outside of the function.

Dildy: Precache the body, .featured and header selectors

Dildy: In a scope above your scroll event

Homsher: Should be able to do $’.featured-brands-slide’; outside of that, as well.

Ship: Robertmaxrees: may i clarify that the images are already in view, i just want to defer loading until the user clicks or mouseovers

Sattler: And the experience i have with lazyload.js so far is about images not being in view yet

Schoeneck: Adv_ so you want to change when they load?

Magar: Because your image tags are wrong.

Bearded: Img cl***=”lazy” data-original=”img/example.jpg” width=”640″ height=”480″

Crosley: Decx: so you’re saying more like this?

Nicolaisen: Adv_ something here seems funky to me. can you make a fiddle for this?

Walling: Nice, I gotcha. Thanks man!

Mattila: The extra wrapper at the bottom is unnecessary

Dildy: It’s because dom lookups are relatively expensive and scroll happens a lot

Coak: Mattila is right -that could be just $window.scrollminimizeHeader;

Mattila: Also could the if else for the add/remove cl*** be changed to toggleCl***., boolean ?

Pong: I personally avoid using toggles

Nin: Robertmaxrees:

Mattila: Lol, the images are all flipping if you continuously hover over it

Mackay: Robertmaxrees: : why?

Paloma: What are you building?

Esh: Mattila: that is the wanted thing

Mattila: It’s like i’m on acid

Calcagni: Robertmaxrees: so i have the image scrubber ok ?

Bussinger: Huh? because i like it

Wittler: But i don’t want the rest of the images to load until the user enters that area

Anguiano: So i use “lazy” cl*** on them to defer loading of those images until the user has clicked on that item

Earheart: Or mouseover but let’s use click for the example

Mcisaac: The problem is that they all load together and no “lazy” loading is taking place

Kilcher: Actually, you didn’t read the docs :

Shouse: Skip_invisible : true – need this.

Echavarria: Robertmaxrees: well just tried, same thing

Mattila: Can i also say that, imho, it’s kinda strange that your binding to two events, and inside checking which one happened to know what to do, both being relatively large blocks of work. personally i’d segregate them

Cancelliere: Lazyload is doing exactly what it’s supposed to, fwiw – it’s only loading images in the viewport.

Griepentrog: Mattila: you mean mousemove and mouseleave?

Halman: Adv_ you need to hide those images somehow.

Lenny: Mattila: that part was already done and i have no problem with it. the lazy stuff is the problem

Kline: Robertmaxrees: is there something else that i can use?

Rudlong: Adv_ lazyload is loading images currently in the viewport – you need to use css to display: none; them i’m guessing.

Esser: That better fits what i want to do

Ferrara: The images aren’t all that big though.

Derer: Robertmaxrees: it’s 90 * 10 image

Ganigan: This is just a fiddle with 1* 10 images

Jinwright: And you compressed each image down?

Dauberman: Use imagemagick on them.

Mincey: Gzip or convert -quality ?

Broglio: Yes i used imagemagick on them, but they’re 3mb all together

Mattila: Is the path to the images consistent with the pattern in the fiddle?