Is it possible to take a.

Chobot: Can someone help me please get this to work properly? –

Hugar: Tash: That works for me if I set the option ‘resizable’

Petrik: It’s not supposed to replace the letters in the HTML only the text

Landrian: It’s quite annoying though, I wouldn’t recommend it

Cabanas: It was working before I made it case insensitive

Hamernik: Tash:’’, ‘Google’, ‘resizable’

Weisenberg: ThePendulum, will give it a try now

Weisenberg: Strange, still opens in a new tab for me in IE

Weisenberg: Will see if it does the same thing in FF

Weisenberg: Actually in FF it just takes place of my current window, even worse

Trembath: Chrome blocks it, lol

Honanie: Is there a way to get an element via ID by using regexp and grouping/saving that regexp? I want to do if$”id$=-wrapper”.blah and save whatever was matched

Raburn: I need help, im trying to loop something for each mon node it should add a new row to a table. but cant get it to work

Gobel: My code

Marsden: Http://

Sliwinski: Oops wrong chat to ask for help

Kuciemba: Anyone familiar with disqus comment count?

Carreon: I have this php echo ‘span cl***=”disqus-comment-count” data-disqus-identifier=”img’ . $i . ‘”/span

Kanipe: But for some reason it doesn’t insert the comment counts

Serven: There is like a zillion of mobile js frameworks. Do all the mobile operating systems have built in JS engines ?

Feilbach: Is there any specific solution for a full-width image slider you would recommend? currently trying jssor

Hargis: Here’s a fiddle,, the problem is that the comment count number doesn’t get displayed. anyone knows why?

Tracey: How do i add an attribute from another namespace?

Emerich: Somehow the obvious thing el.attr{“ns:attr”: 10} does not do the right thing

Chenet: This gets the img src, var imgSource = opts.sourceobj.groupobj.index; how can i get the img id?

Schmeltzer: Nvm , i meante item.href gets the href, how do i get id ?

Braly: Adv_ Doesn’t it work : ?

Matzek: For loop aint working for me in my js file

Jenderer: But it works fine if i do it within script

Compeau: DarkChaoz: You’re so ***ue that the only possible answer is: Because.

Compeau: DarkChaoz: Please post your code to and give us back the link

Cork: My code is pretty long so im just gunna pastebin it

Kosik: This is the function where im using for loop

Ducayne: Console log only logs 0

Compeau: You said that it works fine if you do it within script, what does that mean?

Jaskiewicz: Thats within a js file

Zane: When i do scriipt fo loop console log i it logs 1-5

Compeau: What does your JS console says?

Szwede: If i do it with the js file attached to the html doc

Donahoe: That concludes 1h15m of silence then

Chalaban: I’m trying to get a button/onclick function working right, code is at

Garcy: Basically, clicking on the link with id=”1″ should make jquery headerProperties.Id to 1

Cerise: With just the same code

Firth: I’m having trouble getting this on click event to fire, I’m not seeing anything in the console

Wensel: Is it possible to take a string value inputted by a user and use it as the variable name of the object created for that user and then store all other information about the user in that object?