Is it an issue with play.

Klicker: When I visit the mp4 explicity it loads and plays

Lasley: Why would it flag; in chrome?

Tryon: Jagst3r15: I actually was wondering about the use of get — do you maybe intend to be using eq?

Krug: May you explain the difference ?

Romanello: I am still learning :

Tryon: Mmm does seem quite similar

Pickard: Yeah this is the strangest issue

Billups: If you click on the true answer you proceed to the next slide

Tagalog: But if you pick a few false answers it will always hang after you click on the third

Tryon: Jagst3r15: I’m missing some context based on the provided example

Meranto: Basically you land on a page with a video

Augustyniak: On end that video shows a quiz

Sylver: Some false and a true

Yochum: Every question shows a video and on end goes back to the question screen.except for the true video, on end of that it goes to the nex slide and then the next set of quesetions

Tryon: OK. At least for me, I get a 503 on

Kamke: Well i couldnt reproduce the error in the jsbin anyway

Ciccarone: This is driving me nuts :

Tryon: I’d probably need to see / inspect specifics here. Is there a link you can PM me?

Tryon: I’ve also got to bounce in 5 : iz mah birffday

Tryon: Try some breakpoints or debugger statements and strep through the code to see where things are going awry

Tryon: At minimum add some logging to make sure all your expectations are met

Wee: I do know that chrome is saying the initator is;

Hufft: And it is just a pending reuqest in the network

Tryon: Seemed to work fine in chrome on your example while selecitng the video element, minus the 503

Betterman: Yeah that is what i don’t get

Waldenmyer: Tryon there are no errors in the console

Pickup: And this works in frustrating

Tryon: Sorry I couldn’t help more, hopefully someone can take over but I gotta head out

Frankiewicz: Jagst3r15: whats your issue?

Hensley: It is a headscratcher

Batt: On line 68 here:

Curimao: In chrome’s network tool a video won’t load and just shows as pending

Innamorato: And it says the initiator is that line.if you select 3 false answers the 3rd one always just is pending and does not load at all

Sopher: D-rex any idea why that would happen?

Navaro: Looking at it now.I dont see any video or questions? in the fiddle

Kellin: D-rex I tried to replicate it here:

Czapla: But for some reason i cant replicate the issue

Boisclair: Is it something to do with; being triggered too many times?

Ihm: You already have a ‘var video’ close to the top

Ihm: Your trying to ‘var video’ twice

Coldivar: Ihm it is only once here:

Ihm: That fiddle has a parsing error

Ihm: Ln 48 is the problem with that one i believe

Zook: Ihm I updated that:

Kilday: But do you know why chrome would say that?

Arvin: When i click on too many false items the video just is pending

Skanes: It just never loads and the resource is pending in chrome’s network tools

Crespo: And it says line 67 is the initator

Ihm: I’d have to see it happen to hazard any guess

Lamour: Is it an issue with play being called too many times?