IRC spammers and.

Morace: Http:// hi, right now the script is getting the name attribute of the fields. can i change that into id or cl***?

Jackosn: Hey I have this code which I would like to change to be more specific. Only when I type “90” I want it to change to NA not when there’s a string containing 90:

Katzmann: SmashingX:

Crisson: Is it ok for me to create like 20~ .click listeners for dynamically creating a accordian

Vales: Each tab has a unique ID and im watching for clicks on them. is there a easier way

Ritthaler: Sounds like you’re doing it wrong

Mclauchlin: That’s exactly what I neededf

Lay: Someone told me hemroids were things that grew inside your ***. They told me that hemroids could fall out your ****. Is this true?

Marchizano: A similar place where you’ve come from?

Rimbey: What I’ve come from #qu***el

Sjoquist: Go spam somewhere else

Leath: I was referred to ##politics from #qu***el but couldn’t talk there so I picked a random channel I could talk in

Ruley: Cork, don’t feed the trolls

Bania: What are hemroids? is it humroids?

Severyn: No seriously, what are hemroids

Hedglin: No seriously I think I have some hemroids

Ballman: And i don’t want them to fall out of my ****

Minnick: I’ve had diarrhea and had to **** outsidde

Siegfried: Wait I looked it up in google

Latella: It says “hemorrhoids” when I enter “what are hemroids”

Filipiak: Hemroids are known as piles

Gros: Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the **** c****.

Grizzard: There, I got my answer

Over: So if I have diarrhea, does it mean I have hemorrhoids

Pilger: My poo that I left on the gr*** had orange spots in it, it was light brown with a hint of green

Rossell: Could they be hemorrhoids?

Laws: Whatever, rabbity damn

Bieker: People won’t ANSWER Y QUESTIONS

Marini: Y f m C R N

Draxler: K f t s p ? & D L

Bielicki: Q G N ! V 0 F B

Orttenburger: O t n A M K M x

Torris: T _ m v % Y . ;

Bucholtz: I P Q w C c v + t

Zanueta: G t P O B D P

Stuckey: U W , : Q E Q . T e ‘

Virelli: V l N % f U N k

Voller: R D } h J s

Galka: J { ! % A R J { : D

Howlin: R G U n B d : z

Dellacioppa: L R & A W W a c

Abuhl: G g r K , ? b i Y i

Snay: T d p D % x & b i –

Schuman: I usually ping the staffers

Ruley: I wonder how many pm’s those guys get

Ozment: It helps better then hunting for ops in this channel.

Ruley: I pinged the access list with +o or higher

Ruley: I wonder why people spam discussion now days

Ruley: Most of the world is on facebook or other

Ruley: It was ridiculous when discussion popular, now it just seems retarded.

Kloer: Open source is still mainly discussion or mailing lists

Wienecke: Forums do happen, but it isn’t even close to as popular

Soward: Yeah it just seemed weird not to include them, since they do play a role, albeit a minor one

Paluch: Discussion spammers and antagonistsflooders, nickserv auths, etc. are beyond lame. There is very little if any competition for users. In the golden age they would do it to chase people to other networks. Spam and flood, spam and flood.