In this code I don’t see.

Kesich: I have an array that my backend returns representing full days on a calendar. I need to find these days so I can do some markup and css changes to represent them correctly I can’t figure out a way to do this

Jankoff: Https://

Batchelder: Hey, i remember this from yesterday?

Lance: What’ve you tried so far?

Menning: And are you able to modify the markup at all?

Mcquown: I messed with the filter thing but I don’t think that will work.

Klas: Unless there is a way to do an indexOf single digits and double digits.

Weintz: Can you modify the markup?

Smullen: No, because I am never selecting the right ones

Sonnee: I mean from the server

Mire: Not really because I abstracted pythons HTMLcalendar cl*** to make my custom calendars. I don’t actually touch the markup in the backend

Blanco: Well i do but I don’t. I don’t write the table markup but I have ul li’s for testing

Gip: I’d grab the first textnode of the TD in that case.

Gress: Since that’ll be the date.

Foose: First text node like $this.text0; ?

Popelka: Isn’t get an ajax thing?

Bradney: Https://

Vancleve: Ah thats some bad namespacing on jquery’s part

Rueda: Eh, not that bad imo.

Barrile: Load is a bigger offender imo.

Eyster: Yeah I remember reading load a while back and thinking this isn’t abstraction this is insanity

Puyear: I avoid using either one.

Glossner: Use .on or $.ajax imo.

Paustian: Wow so $’td’.getval; works perfect haha

Pelphrey: That doesn’t make sense.

Garaventa: I wouldn’t use that if i were you.

Talerico: I’m testing it a little I wanna know why it works

Shows: Read the source in that case.

Taintor: Times like these I really love jQuery

Coonfare: I never would have suspected .get to work

Stonerock: But it seems that it just returns the DOM nodes I loose all my jQuery methods with it and can’t do things like $.replace or $.before

Conners: You can use .eq instead if you want.

Vock: But you just need the text.

Weagel: Can I use $form.serialize with non-form objects somehow?

Mostowy: I want to serializeObject first, manipulate the data, and then p*** it to .serialize

Cohick: Oh I think I want this:

Wohlert: Im trying to make this form to work, whenever I click on AM button then the input box should be populated with 07:00

Archibold: Http://

Rathgeber: My problem though I think is this: var strtTimeInpt = popup.find’name=scheduled_time_window_after’;

Gerteisen: I don’t think I should be using popup.find, what can I use instead?

Quezaire: SmashingX: i don’t see any data-role=popup element. also that js code is not really valid as is. also don’t use onevent attributes :

Anes: Well how can I change it like it is to make it work

Gottardo: Shoky: I added data role popup but now I don’t see anything :

Genin: Why were you looking for a data-role=popup in the first place

Kincy: Didn’t you tell me that you didn’t see it?

Hickonbottom: I told you i don’t see it because your code was looking for it

Bauguess: You didn’t say why your code was looking for it in the first place. but anyways. this works, maybe.

Faubion: Ok so how can I make it so it doesn’t look for it

Donahue: You just don’t look for it

Trimboli: In this code I don’t see that you changed data-role=popup