In any case, defining a.

Patria: No i just want to perform an action when the arrow is clicked

Vinup: But can’t get it working

Bracks: Maybe add a click function override for the fancybox button in your own .js file on do***ent.ready?

Bracks: Or do you already have that?

Berlin: Is there something similar to var_dump for javascript to se datatype of a varible?

Mattila: Lmao, sorry, no comment

Berlin: Var test =’test’; console.logtypeof test; ?

Berlin: Alright il try that, thanks

Bracks: You can alert it too if you’d rather

Mattila: There are also jquery utility functions like $.isArray and $.isFunction

Heximer: If my form id is my-form shouldn’t this work? $’#my-form’.on’submit’, function {

Gayton: What can I do to this code to make the toggle switches responsive? If you drag the vertical bar left and right, you can see the switch lose its shape.

Mattila: No the event will fire first, giving you the chance to cancel the event and prevent it

Bracks: With a return false; thats true ok

Hones: Hi – if pull in content into a tab using Ajax like this, do I also pull in the jQuery on that page? For example, if I pull in a filterable table, do I pull in the jQuery to create the filters from the sub-page or does the jQuery need to be on the main/master page?

Mattila: Use the preventDefault, don’t return false

Bracks: Just preference though right?

Mattila: I’m forgetting the exact reason for that, but it’s not recommended

Blouir: Looks like it’s an event timing problem. setTimeout fixed it.

Tacason: Did my question make sense? :

Berlin: Another quick question, how to i console.log strlenght of a varible?

Bracks: Berlin console.log myVar.length ?

Carbonneau: Berlin: console.logvar.strlen

Mattila: It’s a property of the object

Plater: AliG1000 can be in the sub-page but be sure to use a “do***ent onready” wrapper.

Self: What I am trying to find out is if all the jQuery for every interaction on every tab needs to be in the main page, or if I can call in the content plus jQuery for the sub-page

Aldaz: Does encodeURIComponent encode space to %20 and so on?

Bracks: Berlin google is your friend too with basic functions and syntax questions

Mattila: Uh, literal ‘space’ or ‘ ‘ ?

Berlin: Bracks: true, il keep that i mind

Mattila: Yes, that becomes 20%

Wachowiak: What can I do to this code to make the toggle switches responsive? If you drag the vertical bar left and right, you can see the switch lose its shape.

Signore: AliG1000 be aware that if you have multiple onready blocks they will execute in the order in which they are included.

Fontenot: Good to know. I will try to find an example

Crotteau: So that’s why didn’t work on mobile

Fonner: Because it attempted to autocomplete and I let it

Litzau: How do youcall a method within js? is it this.functionName?

Mattila: How is your method defined?

Bracks: Give it 20 px and see what it does

Howson: Http://

Ungar: But I am trying to make it responsive, doesn’t adding a set pixel destroy that?

Bracks: OoOooOo laravel, hello old friend

Mattila: You don’t have to define your functions in the load function, and it may not be a good idea to do that anyway as the scope will be limited to that function i believe

Bracks: For the selectors and styles you can’t make responsive with percentages, use media queries for different resolutions

Mattila: In any case, defining a function like that you just name it