Im using an ajax call to.

Angle: Tmost of time they are jerks

Able: Your doing this initialization every time you run though this event handler. only do it once.

Mcaleese: Can i ***ign those dialog to variable

Vasek: And use it when it is necessary

Estwick: Https://

Ihm: You already have the $monthsList variable

Ihm: I’m not sure what your talking about

Paratore: Re initializing dialog

Ihm: Right, so your initializing twice in that handler, ln 30 and those lines

Ihm: Of which nothing is dynamic

Ihm: Outside of any handler

Ihm: And just use the dialog’open’ dialog’close’ when you need it

Headlam: Yeah i am asorry i missed that xD

Ihm: I missed ln 30. my main point was get it out of the event handler

Ihm: All the jquery ui elements have helper methods for changing stuff after it is initialized, instead of re-initializing

Ihm: But this one doesn’t even change anything

Vescio: I will do some tricks

Hartert: Ihm: i guess you mean this right

Harbour: Is that what you meant?

Sharpley: Hey i m used $function as we discussed earlier to avoid global scope

Sitze: Good to understand smt

Slodysko: Can i use delegates instead of on

Moncrieffe: If one day my co workers ask me about something

Mcclennon: I have to answer them very clearly

Ihm: Both bind and delegate now are wrappers for on

Yohannes: Why data instead of prop

Stiman: If something can be defined in markup

Brunmeier: Is it properties of that element?

Ihm: Data-name is an attribute

Ihm: Data’name’ is short hand for prop’data-name’

Ihm: At which point ‘data-name’ is also a property of the Element

Kaszynski: Taplar_afk: jquery-1.9.1.js:507 Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on dialog prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘open’

Rozycki: Seems self explanitory

Gionet: But why this error happened

Ihm: Your trying to call open on an uninitialized dialog.

Ihm: As per the error message.

Ihm: So why are you asking if it’s a browser issue.

Farrin: Because i saw this error in i.e.6

Enocencio: It was about browser :p

Farney: Hi people. I am trying to make a conditional field with contact form 7 and jquery, but is not working. The js files are loading propperly, but the script is not working.

Borio: Here is the pastebin:

Folden: I need to show the content of paisagismo_div only if the user select the radio paisagismo, but is not working at all. I know that new browsers are blocking java

Ihm: I don’t see a id=”paisagismo” in there any where

Hubach: Are you shure? radio tipo_servico id:grama cl***:grama use_label_element “Grama”radio tipo_servico id:paisagismo cl***:paisagismo use_label_element “Paisagismo”

Ihm: I don’t know what that is, but that’s not html

Herskovits: This is a contact 7 form tags

Tippy: The implementations is correct, just the javascript is not working at all

Ihm: So maybe put the generated markup in the pastie so we can see that actual markup the js is running against?

Ihm: Otherwise something like

Dueitt: Im using an ajax call to perform some actions, but I want the user’s page to wait until they’re done. So I added a “location.reload” in my success section of the ajax call. Is this method going to still cause the location.reload to fire before all the steps are finished from that ajax call?