I’m trying to trigger a.

Lanzarotta: Hi all, one more question. Any clue how I can get a script to persist after a page refresh? I am doing a click with jquery but that triggers a page refresh, and then my script stops working

Deslatte: Just running this from within the browser console

Szychowski: Eh, i dislike switch for the same reason i dislike conditionals.

Szychowski: Siegfried need something like greasemonkey.

Langlo: Szychowski: Ooh looks cool

Ihm: I use that to automate playing one of my mud games, šŸ˜€

Starace: Hey there fellas quick question let me know if I’m in the wrong channel. I have a nav bar that I clonetrue and prepend to the body. However the nav bar’s “overflow: scroll” will only start working after I click on one of the links in it. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Szychowski: Ckb mind making a fiddle instead?

Bussy: I can try, I’m never really good at reproducing bugs like this in fiddle.

Nowick: Szychowski: would a link work just as well?

Throgmorton: Szychowski: How do I run a greasemonkey script? Just made one to console.log’hello world’

Ihm: It’s based off of the url you tell it to apply against

Ihm: It will automatically kick off when it matches the url

Tilleman: How have I never heard of this ;_;

Ihm: You were too busy listening to beastie boys. you were down with the wrong monkey

Ihm: I’m not sure that it explicitly says any where, that I found, but you can also use some wildcards with the url

Datu: Szychowski: Is there a way to force a script to run on the current webpage? This one seems to have a dynamic url

Sosaya: Ihm: My university url

Ihm: And what part is dynamic?

Szychowski: I’m really not familiar with it, but you could always target the hostname + path of the pages.

Szychowski: Or something similar.

Ihm: Https://univ.org/common/part/*

Szychowski: Not sure what options greasemonkey as for that kind of stuff.

Ihm: I know * works, not familiar with others

Ihm: I use this one when viewing the jquery chat logs, šŸ˜€ https://jsfiddle.net/4pmL0ye9/

Cesar: Now all I have to do is leave my computer running for a week connected to the internet ;_;

Szychowski: That’s a bad idea fwiw.

Szychowski: Should get setup a small box on something like aws for cheap and do it there instead.

Ihm: Can’t you like, ya know, talk to the professors and ask them to add you? i ***uely remember professors being able to get in people over their thresholds.

Szychowski: Or talk to your advisors about working on this with you?

Parodi: Szychowski: I’ve never tried to setup an external server before and I’m sure it’d take me a few days to figure out :

Ramon: Don’t have the time atm

Bouras: Ihm: Yeah I’ve asked but professor’s a bit of an ***

Szychowski: What about your advisor?

Laliotis: Szychowski: Haven’t asked, but don’t think there’s much he can do

Guthorn: Siegfried your professor ****s. No offense.

Guzalak: I know where I work, our Professors will setup a small box for a student for anything.

Ihm: What are we talking about?

Szychowski: _TWG_ i think he meant that the professor is just unhelpful as far as adding him in as an extra student.

Szychowski: Not about setting up the box.

Silos: One more newbie question. I’m trying to access a td with $’tr td’.eq3 and it’s giving me back an object Object { 0: td, length: 1, prevObject: Object, context: HTMLDo***ent ā†’ fast2.do, selector: “tr td.slice3,4” }

Ferrigno: How do I actually get the content contained int he td?

Rouff: Like tdsome content/td

Szychowski: What content do you want?

Szychowski: Http://learn.jquery.com/ :

Glavin: I’m trying to trigger a console.log on a click event. For some reason it is not running. http://kopy.io/uq2WC