Ihm: did you click 2016.

Gogins: Galaxies are not doing Allah is doing

Debus: Sun is not doing Allah is doing

Bunda: Moon is not doing Allah is doing

Winkey: Stars are not doing Allah is doing

Lindloff: Planets are not doing Allah is doing

Winikoff: Galaxies are not doing Allah is doing

Domiano: Oceans are not doing Allah is doing

Treusdell: Mountains are not doing Allah is doing

Namur: Trees are not doing Allah is doing

Lecy: Mom is not doing Allah is doing

Hodd: Dad is not doing Allah is doing

Sherill: Did he just say allah is doing my mom AND my dad? :S

Malinky: Up for interpretation I guess, bots are very hard to understand now adays

Caraway: Can someone take a look at this? http://codepen.io/barrychapman/pen/mPowjP

Caraway: I cant figure out why the return from $.get isnt in the response

Malinky: It’s async dude, it doesn’t return to the calling step

Caraway: I am using $.when though

Malinky: Instead of done try then possibly

Caraway: I jsut want to return the content loaded by get when it is complete

Asman: Aro: $.geturl.thenfunctionr { . return r; }.thenfunctionresponse { . }

Asman: Aro: or just. $.geturl.donefunctionr { . do everything here . }

Malinky: Ah, so it’s the success is what’s fking it up?

Hayek: You could do $.when$.get”.”.thenfunctiondata { console.logdata }; aswell

Asman: Success is same as done

Asman: No reason to use $.when here, it’s redundant

Caraway: When would be a time to use $.when

Malinky: Waiting on multiple deferreds to finish iirc

Asman: Usually only when you want to wait for multiple promises and use $.when.apply

Asman: Well, only using .apply if it’s an unknown number of promises

Asman: Ponies mostly come out at night. mostly

Ihm: Ohhh, genuwine reference? ;

Mischel: Please i dont know what to do anything HELP https://jsfiddle.net/baako/07w55tyj/7/ the accordion seem to go to Pay with debit or credit card but doesnt apply to other h3 e.g. MasterCard **** 4444 exp5 / 2017 and Visa **** 4242 exp6 / 2019

Ebbett: Ihm: hey can you help me to find out bug in my program? Ç

Mahoney: I did every suggestion you made

Barko: I read your message before you when off. i didnot quiet understand

Ka: Baako: let me repeat

Vissman: The last part works right

Kunkleman: But credit cards part not working

Mendel: If you check your “element” tab

Tei: You will see last part is wrapped by a div

Steinerkert: Cards information is wrapped by h3

Bayala: But there is no div there

Migneault: I said may be you wrapped other things with div it can work

Frisbee: Card infor is not wrap in h3

Mcdonald: But i get what you mean

Lockette: See the difference in last part and other parts

Swatzell: You will see the difference

Tedesco: Be sure accordion works with h3 tag

Bellfleur: Hellyeah, according to their api doc http://api.jqueryui.com/accordion/#option-header

Klay: Ihm: if you click datepicker title and any month in dialog or datepicker title var – month list – yearlist and select it doesnt go spesific year or month after getting dialog bo to the top https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/xjff0drs/27/

Nangle: Well you state your selector inside accordion{{ thing

Eslick: Baako: i am sure Ihm can help you more

Ihm: Hellyeah: i’m not getting a year list

Reuther: Ihm: did you click 2016?