If i have $’#form’.

Makanani: Why are you doing this client-side btw?

Pillon: The ENTIRE reason this is happening is because this code I was given has a ton of images of this exact thing for on off, they just change out the image. I’m trying to cut down on the requests considerably and clean up the JS heavy code.

Schnepf: Then make it less js-heavy. do this server-siude.

Caporale: Can you give me an example or explain further?

Sutler: Not sure what you mean.

Buteaux: You do it in whatever server-side language you have now.

Provins: Instead of using javascript.

Colopy: Never mind, okay, yeah no this is all client side. It’s an emulator of a panel our company uses, and this third party company created the entire thing in javascript, jquery, html, css, etc

How: Right, why does it have to be client-side though?

Pompi: Well. we’re running twig

Sayegh: I never touch backend

Warmington: You should in this case.

Dobbe: Then create jquery objects that you can clone and edit.

Dupes: Okay, so is it possible then to get the list of how many times I have section cl***=”switch-settings”div cl***=”switch”/div/section and each one would be a number in the index, so when I for eached over it, it would apply whatever changes I made to each in order?

Hanthorn: You’re not using for each.

Congleton: No for each, just a for loop

Trillas: You use the jquery each.

Mcmutry: Https://api.jquery.com/each/

Rosian: Something like http://jsfiddle.net/robertmaxrees/ahadbsr8/2/

Lime: Okay reading tgrough api, then your code, be back in a minute

Welburn: You should check out learn.jquery.com

Ananias: Maybe I’ll give that a try then, I know enough to be dangerous with jquery, but learning a lot of syntax that others use daily is where the challenge comes

Zills: Syntax isn’t your issue.

Heebner: That’s a javascript thing.

Tridenti: It’s knowing the methods available.

Iamiceli: Well the update you did works perfectly, so first thank you for that. Second, will going through learn.jquery.com provide info on all the most used functions / methods available?

Markovich: There’s a lot of basics you don’t know.

Skokan: Cool, then that’s where I’ll start. You’re correct, I just haven’t had the need yet to learn that until now.

Gulley: Been out of college for three months :

Chaudet: Ah, yeah. this’ll all be good stuff for you to start learning then.

Fala: Not that I don’t know anything mind you, just so much I had to learn, I never got a depth, just a breadth to what I did learn

Alrod: We have a lot of jr devs fresh out of college and interns that just don’t have the knowledge that comes with experience.

Jacobsen: So if I may ask, do you work for the jQuery foundation?

Toal: I work for a medium-large ecommerce company.

Sazama: Just a lot of experience that you’re p***ing on. you’re awesome and I am grateful for all your help!

Lafleur: Absolutely – happy to help.

Moldan: You’ve helped me quite a few times already lol

Vincenzo: Well, back to integration then! Talk with you more later I bet :

Lochotzki: I have a list of items ordinary UL LI list and I want to show EACH LI after 1 click on a button anchor outside the UL

Schoneck: Okay. where are you lost?

Roehrenbeck: Well, I don’t know how to stop the script after 1 LI

Uzee: I either show all of them or none

Conrod: Show us what you’ve got so far.

Kociolek: Mm. really slow for me

Alkema: Why doesn’t Fiddle have autocomplete already.

Wussow: If i have $’#form’.on’submit’, functione, X {} if i trigger this would it have to be ‘#form’.trigger’submit’, e, X?