If i focus .to it will add.

Wisnosky: I can read but i need to solve this within 2 hours

Tressel: Thats why i thought maybe you guys could help

Ihm: Best luck then is probably stack over flow or something then

Ihm: There is also a #freelance room you might inquire in

Solonar: Hm, any reason fadeOut doens’t work on chrome but on safari etc?

Eells: Can’t you help me with some kind of syntax ?

Murany: Just have a div with some content, position:absolute, z-index: 11; and need to $’#thatdiv’.fadeOut800;

Ihm: I got my own job i’m doing, :

Stanesic: I keep getting flabbergasted how people manage to put themselves in situations like that

Ihm: Jax: works for me in chrome https://jsfiddle.net/kwLfLjzp/

Oosterhof: Sanjayortiz: in any case, you need something like this: $yourbutton.on’click’, function { add to storage and redirect here };

Last: We have a lot of people here who can help, if they have the time

Billotte: Ihm: line 8 does it seem false? https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/xjff0drs/2/

Ihm: Your console will tell you the same thing

Ihm: And i already said to just lookup the id in the global scope

Kohr: Hm Ihm didn’t work for me in chrome. maybe my chrome is messed up

Swestka: It stays shown for 800ms then just disappears

Arcano: I lookup id in global scope?

Fujikawa: And i though i need to find #ui-datepicker-div by using this id

Kretlow: I really want to give up

Ihm: What’s so hard about looking up an id?

Ihm: I don’t understand the mental block

Darroch: And we select id for getting spesific datepicker right

Poppert: And reaching spesific #ui-datepicker-div right

Ihm: Lol, again i don’t understand the mental block

Ihm: It’s an id. there is only one of them

Deangelo: Ihm: restarted browser, now it works ;

Hegedus: I dont understand also

Ihm: Wonder if you had an update pending or something

Ihm: So now you have the thing. start cl***ing it up!

Shastri: I reallky dont understand

Ihm: Don’t understand what?

Rykiel: I have to select $ui-datepicker-div

Flodin: I can select like #’#ui-datepicker-div’; thats neat

Rodrigeuz: And have to add cl*** fromFocused or toFocused

Belew: I have to use id. For doi┼čng this look up id in global scope

Helveston: I will select datepicker by using this id

Ihm: Sounds like you got it

Okelley: Thanks to that, i can have spesific datepicker

Weenum: So cl*** will be added to that id which has unique id

Kacprowski: Datepickers have id like 1,2,3,4,5.

Fausnaugh: I mean the last digit increase 1

Ihm: Do i seriously have to repeat it?

Ihm: There’s only one datepicker!

Slenker: There is only one datepicker

Ihm: Repeat that over and over

Civiello: But each time you create datepicker id of datepicker is changed

Ihm: What are you talking about?

Palanza: So that should work https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/xjff0drs/3/

Ihm: Typo in your selector

Sahu: Https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/xjff0drs/4/

Zachary: Actually it add fromFocused

Ihm: So now do the same to the to and then try it out a few times and see if you run into any issues

Schaen: Let me clarify my mind

Whigum: There is only one datepicker so we use focus event

Emrich: If i focus .to it will add toFocused if i focus .from it will do .fromFpcused