I was expecting it to show.

Keeran: Hi all, how do I get the a child of $’#fastLeftNavCell ul li ul li’.eq3 ?

Szychowski: Siegfried check out the learning center :

Colindres: Szychowski: Okay, thank you

Szychowski: _TWG_ https://jsfiddle.net/Szychowski/hdju2tup/

Szychowski: _TWG_ are you maybe dynamically creating those anchors?

Ascher: Kopy.io is a sick pastebin

Szychowski: You can’t bind to things that don’t exist.

Artzer: Choose your color scheme ;_;

Szychowski: Try using event delegation instead.

Szychowski: Https://api.jquery.com/on/#direct-and-delegated-events and http://learn.jquery.com/events/event-delegation/ explain the idea.

Szychowski: _TWG_ the rough idea is you bind to a parent element that exists on pageload, then p*** a second argument to .on that’s the child selector for the thing you want to match on.

Steider: Szychowski: I actually had just found https://learn.jquery.com/events/event-delegation/

Freudenthal: Hi robert, hows going?

Szychowski: Good Freudenthal. How’re you?

Mcelwine: Szychowski: that worked like a charm. Thanks for the point in the right direction.

Szychowski: _TWG_ yeah definitely. delegation is a really awesome concept and will help you in a lot of future cases. I use it even when I might not be dynamically creating things purely because it helps decouple my markup from my js.

Finkley: Awesome. Good information to have robertmaxrees

Croteau: I must be doing something stupid

Szychowski: Window.location.pathname.”/can/”

Szychowski: In fact, window.location.pathname.”/can/”.$this.val, this whole line doesn’t make sense.

Pennisi: Damn. comming from php. my head is mixed

Abrell: Hi all, sorry to ask so many questions, I have a tricky one

Szychowski: Also – can isn’t defined anywhere.

Szychowski: Not sure if you intend it to be global or not.

Santaana: I’m trying to edit a select, which I can do no problem with .val However, the select is listening for an onChange which isn’t triggered when I use .val to set it

Hoffstetter: Any idea how I can fire the onChange?

Szychowski: Siegfried depends on how the event handler was bound.

Szychowski: Siegfried .trigger’change’ if it’s a jquery event listener.

Szychowski: Otherwise, https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/Events/Creating_and_triggering_events

Golladay: Szychowski: http://kopy.io/w5l1B

Szychowski: Then yeah, you’ll need to do some reading.

Tregre: No need, .trigger’onchange’ works 😀

Pry: Well makes sense since the html has an onchange property right?

Szychowski: Jquery events and native events exist in two different worlds, so it’s kind of a crapshoot,

Callaghan: I’ve done some JS mainly with node and react but never used jquery 😀

Szychowski: Jquery handles events on its own outside of the native DOM ones.

Uknown: This is all black magic to me

Szychowski: Hahaha, totally different – the DOM is much worse ;

Freudenthal: Is it common to be handed over a pdf with the mockups and a psd file with the ***ets and to go build a website?

Szychowski: Maybe not a pdf, but the PSD file isn’t uncommon from what I’ve seen.

Szychowski: PSDs are convenient for mocks i suppose.

Schiffmann: Must be doing something wrong again

Overbaugh: Only return object readystate1

Szychowski: That’s what you’re getting back?

Krob: Object {readyState: 1}

Thoburn: Is not doing the post

Szychowski: What does the network tab show you?

Bedingfield: I was expecting it to show the request on console