I want to see what triggers.

Hardung: Pazician: https://jsfiddle.net/99egrau3/2/

Kub: Toomus: check for event.shiftKey on keydown

Debraga: Enter you have to check for the keyCode

Logero: Cork: Big thanks bro, well done!

Kannard: Trying to detect the mime type of https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/master/web_interface/static/data/json/sample.json. I thought https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/master/src/js/form_validator.js#L63 would say it’s application/mime, but it is not recognized

Cipolloni: I know how to use jquery and get response and use that but I need to hack something into someone his code which is not available atm. I have the source, that is no issue but as I use the same frontend on a different backedn which is just some temp page I wonder if I can make a test in my PHP to see if I get the json p****d the way it normally is done in the source code. I see the response in firebug of course, what’s the b

Greder: Are there any downsides to .html?

Gamby: I’m putting an ad-script inside it, but it’s not executing

Mcdade: However, when I use do***ent.write it works perfectly

Zipf: Is mimetype detection built into the browser?

Mcannally: Jeffreylevesque: you mean for responses from the server?

Timmreck: If yes, then for a few cases, but you should ALWAYS return the correct Content-Type from the server

Setlak: Can I emulate some response ?

Martt: Cork: like https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/master/src/js/form_validator.js#L63, https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/master/src/js/form_validator.js#L83

Yakel: Those logic pieces depend on the browser support for mime types?

Cozart: Ah file picker mime type

Turnell: Jeffreylevesque: yes, the browser provides the mimetype it asks the os

Giblin: Cork because when i p*** my file https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/master/web_interface/static/data/json/sample.json, it doesn’t recognize the json mimetype

Honan: I had another machine, where the same logic worked

Ortego: Well does the os have an entry for .json?

Edick: I need to check the host machine

Hibben: Probably need to add the json mimetype to my windows 7 host machine

Scoble: Since my vm port forwards to the host

Varady: So i need to add json mimetype on the windows host

Sands: Not the apache/flask server on the virtual machine?

Yopp: Jeffreylevesque: the browser doesn’t contact the server to know what the file it is about to post is :

Bobst: So yes it is the CLIENT that needs to know what the file type is

Hilby: Can I check why a post gives back a full html as response ? I know when it happens I add some .js but I need to see where it fails

Marschke: YamakasY: presumably the server you are POSTing too would know more about that

Ybarbo: NoiseEee: yes can check those logs also

Hupe: YamakasY: that’s the only machine that knows why it sent back what it did

Topick: NoiseEee: nah what happens is, I have some javascript that works in some other case well that fadeout, etc some other secion. now I add this .js it submits the form instead of doing the fadeout on that button

Teamer: Hi all, I am using a small scriupt to disable input fields on a form. I have it working but would like to add to it if possible. At the moment the inputs are disabled on load, then they are enabled if the users inputs into the search input. However, if the user deletes all the text from the search then the inputs are all disabled again, how would I go about stopping that? – http://jsfiddle.net/v9pj3eg5/

Lawver: Is it possible to create a custom event and name it so that you could do something like $”#element”.bind”myCustomEvent”,function{}; ?

Luckenbach: Ok, can I see why my form is submitted when I include some .js file and when I don’t it’s not submitted ?

Vosper: I want to see what triggers it